Why Loving with open heart is the most courageous feat

Loving with open heart is truly a courageous feat.

Or, to be more specific, loving when you’ve been hurt, when you’ve got no “reason to” trust, is deeply courageous.

I’ve been working a lot with people with developmental trauma lately… in some way Mum or Dad weren’t safe, weren’t there, weren’t able to create a safe ground to expand into. Life started with a preciousness in them unmet.

It’s beautiful (I Love it) to be around people who have a secure sense of themselves in love. Who love easily, who trust love, trust they will Be loved, who innately create stability in relationship. My system widens, warms and expands around them. I feel safe.

But it’s those who’ve been deeply hurt in love who are my Hero’s.

The ones who continue to walk up to the edge of opening and sometimes jump in and open wider, even though their past tells them it will hurt, even if opening their heart in those places feels like fire. Because something calls them in. Connection and longing for more. KNOWING they’re more. Fuck. It breaks me open.

It is So courageous, brave and wildly strong to love in the face of a broken heart. I bow to the power of people to renew, to face themselves and keep moving towards the truth that we are all love and Love wants to love us. In my experience, that’s not some platitude but a tangible experience when we turn and look at it.

I bow… to the beautiful, exquisite heart who believes they are broken because their earliest caregivers couldn’t reflect their glory. I bow to your courage. I bow to the beauty in you, to your still being here.. whether it is deep in the cave, protecting your heart, out on the edges of the cliff, or flying without a parachute. I see you.

And here’s a song I like about love  🙂

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