What “giving away sessions” taught me about wealth

This month just gone I have given a Lot of half-price sessions in an offer celebrating my new treatment space in South Golden Beach. Nearly 20 people have received 1.5hrs of Somatic Experiencing and Bodywork; dropping into their bodies to feel, express and shift blocks and then receive nurturing, present touch.
It has been, for me, simply exquisite. A space where I have felt myself and my work at a deeper level than ever before and experienced some pretty awesome feedback (I’ll share some of that below).

So, I want to share what I “got” in giving away so much, and (surprisingly) it’s not Actually about money or my business.


In my willingness to “give more than I got”, and in giving my energy and presence completely, I have felt a thick, rich fullness of love coming back to me.

It’s like I started a very strong cycle of energy between me and life.


And in “giving it away”, created a feeling of real wealth in my life. If I just did this in my life and nothing else, I would feel deeply wealthy.

I’m reading this back, wondering if this would come across as mumbo-jumbo energy speak.. but really, if you’re on this mailing list, you’re gonna get that kind of thing! AND this feels like a kind of truth about life and energy.

So I want to share 2 steps you could take to experience something like this yourself:


Key 1: Give away what you Love

What I am giving away is what I LOVE TO DO. I Love to sit in presence with people. I love to sense into the body, to help create safety for a person, to feel someone dropping away their tension or holding, and finding their Self again.
It makes my heart Grow So Big.

In fact, I do all this in my free time Lots!! Not in the same contexts, or client/practitioner set-up, but I do all these; sitting in presence, creating safety in my relationships, sensing into my body and others’ on the dance floor, celebrating mine and my loved one’s growth and transformations.


So, what might you Love and do regardless of what others might give you back in response? That you could give away freely? What brings you joy in the doing of it?


Key 2: Unattachment

Aka = Be open to Wealth/Energy/Love Coming in All manner of ways.

In giving away what I love so wholeheartedly and letting go of what or “how much” comes back to me, I had a sense of gratitude everytime someone paid me (cause I was doing what I love after all!). And I was open to “more” coming back to me from many sources. Through testimonials, referrals, etc (abundance is in all of it, not just the cash). And quite a few people paid more than the half-price amount by choice!

There’s been beautiful testimonials like this:

“Oh my goodness – this woman is incredible! I don’t think I have ever felt so relaxed in my life. Highly recommend Amanda to EVERYBODY”. -JH

“I want to thank you so much for the beautiful space you held for me. It was full of allowance, so much gentleness and love, compassion and depth, and expansiveness. I felt so safe and invited to feel all that I came with and I felt so deeply felt in ur holding of my body and energy. I am deeply grateful for your sharing your gift with me and working with you” – MN


A key to this is Really Noticing what is coming back to you. Be it the expressions of gratitude and good will from others, the feeling of fullness in your heart (from doing what you love), the energetic, or material gifts that may come. Really notice and even write it down! Be generous again, with your gratitude!


If you cant quite resonate with “giving” away therapy as an example, you can also look at it like this: A few years ago, I remembered my passionate love for art as a way to communicate soul. I created a series of cartoon/watercolors with the intention to PLASTER them all over town. It was a feeling of something I passionately Love, done and shared with life in the sheer glory of sharing my love!
(ps. I didn’t Actually plaster the cartoons all over town, I got scared I’d get in trouble!)



>> So.. what do you Love to do? What would you do whether someone paid you or not? How can you do it more and offer it to the world? 

I’d love to hear what you would and could do.. and Especially, I’d love to hear if you do give what you love away wholeheartedly!


From this abundant stream in my heart to yours,

LOVE and Gratitude,


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