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“Thank you Amanda for the best neck and shoulder massage I have ever had. Your intuitive, healing presence felt very clear and strong for me. I appreciate your help with clearing energy and your very soft warm hands” – Megan Edwards, Parenting by Connection Coach and mother

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“SE is the modality which brought me most actual healing of them all and Amanda Patterson is without doubt one of the most attuned and subtle healers I have received from… Highly recommended get in touch with her and book in if you are in the Northern Rivers“ – Lucy Anna  Rhodes, Psychic

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Want to read more?  People have said some lovely things about their sessions, like:

“You set yourself apart Amanda. If I had a million dollars I’d just hire you permanently to be my masseuse” – Josh, IT programmer


“I have tried other pregnancy masseuses and they just weren’t the same. They didn’t have the same quality of touch, or seem like they knew what they were doing in the way Amanda does. So I’m coming back” – Tahlia, mother-to-be


“Amanda has amazing hands and her touch is deeply nourishing and healing.
I had the best massage session I have ever had with her after a very intense time where I was worn out and unable to relax. I could drop deeply in my session with Amanda and every cell in my body took in the nourishing touch. My whole nervous system could finally begin to relax. I had a very deep sleep afterwards and woke up feeling renewed, able to put an old bothering topic to rest for good.
The right touch can heal deep childhood trauma when applied with the right intention – Amanda has the right touch! Touch can reach where no words can get to, especially if the trauma is very deep seated. I can recommend her personally and also in my role as a professional Mental Health Social Worker”. –
Barbara Schmidt, Mental Health Social Worker

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Any questions, email Amanda on amanda@wisdombody.com.au or call 0421079644