The Gold in a pile of Rock Salt and to Lymph or not to Lymph

I had such a warm response to my last blog I thought I’d offer you another of my collected winter relaxation and Being Healthy tools.

Winter cold tends to make our bodies tighter and more stagnant from less exercise and more snoozes under the Doona. So, here’s:

The Gold in a pile of Rock Salt

Cold naturally makes the body want to curl up and protect itself .. meaning our muscles get tighter and more stuck in the winter months. So here’s something I picked up along the way you can enjoy while sitting front of the fire/your favourite program or novella (cause we all know winter is for reading Novellas)…

1. Get yourself some large rock salts (cheapy from the supermarket is ok) and dry roast them in a pan.

2. Take a tea towel or smallish cloth and place the hot salt in the center in a line, folding the cloth around the salt to make a small “snake”.

3. Place the Rock Salt Snake on your shoulders and/or neck to draw out the tension with the heat and salt.
4. Grab a seat on the couch, sun lounge, sheep-skin rug and enjoy
5. You’re done once the salt has cooled down. You can also re-heat the salt and go again, but I prefer to start with a new batch of salt.

If you’re like me, and 95% of the human population, you carry most of your tension in your shoulders (and it gets worse in winter).. this will be a Gold-send :).

If the Lymph Ain’t Moving, it’s time to .. do this

Your lymphatic system is in charge of collecting and processing all toxins that enter your body. I like to think of the lymphatic system as a Lot of cheerful garbage collectors stationed through out your body. They Love clearing out muck and keeping you healthy. But they can get tired and overloaded when you chuck too many toxins their way.
When you get colds and flu, eat foods laden with pesticides or chemicals, or suffer from ongoing stress, it’s your lymphatic system’s job to eat up all the toxins and bring you back to health. Part of what makes your lymphatic system healthy is that it is moving (not stagnant or stuck processing that flu bug for weeks) and ready to deal with any new bugs/toxins passing through. Winter, of course, is not known for movement so much as Doona’s.So here’s some handy-tips:

1.Go for vigorous walks, swinging your arms a little if it feels comfortable, the leg and arm muscles work as a muscular pump for the lymph towards groin and arm pits.

2. Drink lots of clean water. Eat clean foods.
3. Deep breathing into the belly also helps to draw lymph up from the lower body and intestines. (We want to draw the lymph up to the main processing area in the centre of the chest)

4. If you’ve gotta rest.. and you DO (C’mon, its winter :), rest with your legs up the wall to increase blood and lymph flow to the lower lymph processing area in the groin.

5. All of these of course done with an attitude of easiness and doing-what-feels-good-and-natural (ie don’t worry about deep breathing if it makes you feel light headed or tense)
So there you go! 2 ways to relax your muscles and keep your body healthy and clean while you rest under the doona and feel soft and yin :)And of course, if you want help with that, my winter treatments are always warm, cosy and doona-like with warm oil, heat bags and Massage. Have a look here at my massage and lymphatic drainage offerings.

Or, just click “reply” and tell me “Yes Please Yes Please”!! I’ll be kind, I promise 🙂

Lots of warm and squishy love,


Ps: If you didn’t read my last blog, its got a doozy-of-a-Yum self-care treat for you. It’ll take you five minutes, make you feel warm and mushy And relax your nervous system.

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