wise and tender healer

"Amanda is an open hearted, wise and tender healer who has a deep stillness and a bright twinkle. I recommend her work to all who wish to gently unravel back to their centre easing out the knots and … [Read more...]

A new level of presence within myself

I was drawn to work with Amanda as I have always appreciated her depth of presence and authenticity. Amanda created a space of deep trust and safety and I felt very held and as she guided me through … [Read more...]

Completely safe and nurtured

"Thank you Amanda, I love receiving massages from you. I feel completely safe and nurtured to let go, by you being present and intuitive to what I need. Your massages are always so whole, thorough, … [Read more...]

I feel truly held

"Thank you for honoring my body mind and spirit. Your touch was so connected, sensitive and aware. I feel truly held. Much gratitude"

Always leave feeling great

"Such a great way to spend an hour of my day! I feel so peaceful and relaxed, always leave feeling great from here."  

A safe and gentle space

"Amanda. I enjoyed your sensitive caring presence, which held a safe and gentle space for me to melt into and unfurl... In gratitude"  

Able to face the challenges ahead..

"Amanda's loving presence and intuitively guided direction in my Somatic Experiencing session allowed me to feel very safe to express whatever surfaced.  Afterwards I felt very soft and able to face … [Read more...]