Terms of Service


Payment for your session/s must be made in order to book in, via debit or credit card.

Rescheduling or Cancellation:

~ Cancellation needs to be made 24 hours (one full day) before the Session.  In Melbourne, 48hrs notice is required to make any changes. If you fail to cancel on time, you will be charged for the appointment / refunds will not be issued. You can reschedule an appointment at any time, provided you give 24/48 hours’ notice.

~ If you do not show up for your session 100% of your session fee will be held without refund.

~ If life circumstances mean you cannot make your session within the 24/48 hour window, you do have the option to find someone else to take your session and receive a refund through them.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you are unhappy with your session your appointment fee will be refunded to you in full within a fortnight of your appointment if notified within the first week after your session. This does not apply to session packages.

Boundaries and Care:

~  The session will not be given if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and you are required to inform Amanda if you are using strong medication. If you attend an appointment under the influence, all fees must be paid without refund or credit.

~ This is a non-sexual service and any inappropriate behavior or advances will result in immediate cancellation of your session and payment for your session in full.

~ Respect for Amanda’s boundaries and property is crucial, no disrespectful behavior will be tolerated. All care will be taken by Amanda for your personal possessions, and no liability will be accepted by Amanda for any damage or mishap while you are on her property or in the rooms rented at the clinics.

~ You are invited at all times to speak your specific needs around personal boundaries so that you can feel relaxed and safe.

Any questions about these conditions, please email Amanda on amanda@wisdombody.com.au. Responses will be significantly slower on weeknights and weekends.