Most likely you are here because you know what your intuition is telling you and you don’t do it for some reason, Or,  you aren’t sure about the difference between your mind and your Intuition, and you are looking for answers.

As a woman, it can be hard to trust that you are making the right choices for your life when there is so much conflicting advice, demands and input. You just want to be able to find what feels right inside of yourself and have the strength to trust that. Can’t it be that simple?

Well, yes it can, when you learn how to listen to your own body wisdom and deeply trust it’s Knowing, life can become simple, life affirming and the life you Want to live.

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This guide will take you through a process where;

You will discover your own unique sense of Knowing and how it resides in your body

You will gain insights into the relationship you have been having with your Knowing all of your life, and tools for deepening that relationship now

You will learn how to strengthen your trust in your Knowing

You will learn the difference between Knowing and Desire

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