Phone Listening Time

phone helpBreak the cycle of isolation and experience someone being really present for you while you feel your feelings and get support

Find new ways to manage upset rather than going into overwhelm/ escalation/negative self or negative-other talk.

What this is:

  • Affordable, accessible support over the phone or Skype for between 5 and 30 minutes from wherever you are.
  • A chance to express what is coming up for you and be heard by a caring, compassionate ear between sessions or as a top up during a period where you are not in a series of sessions.
  • Breaking the cycle of emotional overwhelm or disconnection and re-training your brain to find connection, nourishment and affirmation.
  • A chance to get Out of the story and into your body and the present moment, making you more available for your self and Life.
  • It is either regularly scheduled or “emergency” Listening Time for you to share your experience, explore and inquire into what is happening. (If you need longer than this I recommend you book in for a 1hour Somatic Experiencing session here).

What this is Not:

  • A chat or a conversation. I will provide a listening, non-judgemental ear and tools for bringing you back into the moment. Most sessions involve me listening, reflecting or simply offering presence as a way to help you change the cycle or pattern you find yourself in.
  • A chance to dump your worries or emotions on another (=me!)… Listening Time is suitable for people who can take responsibility for their experience and have a level of self-awareness while being listened to.
  • An opportunity to have some extra unscheduled time. All sessions have clear time boundaries. If you feel you need more support or engagement with your situation, I encourage you to book in for a full hour in person or via Skype here.

ear listenWhy we do Listening Time:

In my experience we can do a lot of inner work at workshops and courses and in personal sessions, but often it is in the challenges in life where we most need the support of a “loving container” or compassionate and supportive witness. In order to deepen and ground the progress we achieve in our personal sessions and courses, we sometimes need another person to remind us of our goodness, to check in with, to hear our struggles and reflect our triumphs.

And sometimes we don’t have the time to put aside for a full session, we need the support on a more flexible basis or just don’t have the money for a full session.

I have benefitted from giving and receiving regular Listening Time over the last 9 years of my parenting journey and have been a Much more present, loving, playful and perceptive person as a result. I combine my experience in Listening Time with my own personal growth work and my training in Somatic Experiencing to offer my clients a space over the phone to feel heard, and to get the emotional brain back on track.. meaning we can think better! This is designed to support and deepen the work we do together in massage or Somatic Experiencing sessions, because when we are making healthy changes in our life, it takes time and often external support to change our habits. It is also suitable for those who would like one-off support and listening during a challenging time. See the application form below.

Rates: $10/5mins, $15/10mins, $20/15mins, $25/20mins, $30/25mins, $35/30mins

The guidelines:

  • Once we have set up your phone time, you will call Amanda on the number provided (landline, Skype or mobile)
  • The session is timed. If you miss the session or are late, you will need to pay the full amount and we will still finish on time.
  • Payments are made via Paypal or direct bank deposit within 3 days of the session. You will notify Amanda once payment has been made.

For previous Somatic Experiencing clients or by application. Apply below or contact Amanda here

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