Somatic Experiencing – Reset and Heal

4If you are suffering from a deeply distressing or disturbing experience, life can seem overwhelming, mysterious and sometimes scary.

You may have reactive emotions, chronically held tension in the muscles, unusual shaking, numbing out or leaving the body, anxiety or rages. And this can have a big effect on your quality of life, your relationships and your ability to maintain employment.

Somatic Experiencing sessions are a gentle and profoundly effective way to heal and resolve trauma at the root of its activation.

This modality will help people who have experienced:

Surgeries or medical procedures

Car or bike accidents

Head trauma

Early childhood abuse or neglect

Physical pain and illness

Natural disaster

Relationship breakup

Boundary rupture

Any number of events can cause trauma reaction because it is not the event that causes the trauma, but how your body responds to it.

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You don’t need to live your life suffering the effects of trauma, because your nervous system has all the tools you need to unwind and bring you back to healthy, vibrant balance. This work also builds your ability to be flexible in the face of all of life’s ups and downs’  and many clients say the biggest reward of the work is a deeper trust and understanding of how their body works.

“This work has been helping me immensely. I feel held in a deep, nurturing and present way. On a practical level the PTSD I’ve been dealing with has reduced markedly… My nervous system feels soothed, I am generally calmer and no panic attacks since I started the SE sessions. Thank you Amanda  ” – Sally Guildford, vocalist, actor and Kundalini dance facilitator

What happens in a session?

Somatic Experiencing can be done seated or lying on a massage table. We speak through the session to communicate sensations, images, emotions, and allow a lot of space for slowing things down and listening. Depending on your needs there is either no touch or light touch through clothes during the session. It is always non-sexual. (If you feel you need more than light touch, you can also look at Wisdom body’s massage offerings which combine an SE framework and bodywork). Sessions usually take 70-95minutes and focus on giving you a firm foundation of “resources” (pleasant thoughts/feelings/sensations) in order to heal and unwind stress and trauma held in the nervous system.

Somatic Experiencing is available via Skype for those unable to come to Mullumbimby, Northern NSW, Australia.

What Somatic Experiencing is not:

This is not counselling, talk therapy or catharsis. This is a body based therapy which places importance on the communications from the nervous system and on gently assisting your body back to balance in a way you can integrate. By doing this we avoid the re-traumatizing that can come as a result of talking in detail about the events/situations causing your nervous system to be stressed.

Somatic Experiencing is not just for when you are in difficulty. This modality also helps you to deepen your presence, aliveness and enjoyment of life in profound ways.

“I was drawn to work with Amanda as I have always appreciated her depth of presence and authenticity. Amanda created a space of deep trust and safety and I felt very held. This work supported me to deepen the positive space that I’m in in my life right now, and allowed me to enter a new level of presence within myself. It also gave me a new understanding of what it means to be present in my body as opposed to presence as a concept in my mind. This really connected with the Vipassana meditation work I have experienced where I still somehow felt I was scanning the body through my mind. Now I have the experience of feeling it in my body, which feels like a whole new level of being. And for this I am very grateful. I fully recommend and give gratitude for the amazing gift Amanda has to share”. – Bacchi Being, 5 Rhythms Dance teacher and mother


“I came to Amanda during a very low point of my life. I had just left a stressful job and my self-esteem was at an all time low in relation to finding new work and feeling the shock and sadness of a relationship breakup. I always came out of the SE sessions with Amanda on a high and feeling that “everything is OK” and a lot of my worries were just in my mind, not a reality.
SE is like nothing I have experienced before, not like talk therapy or hands on therapy like massage or reiki. It has been incredibly life changing for me to be aware of my body’s responses in relation to certain circumstances. This has given me a basis to be more aware of when my body and my being goes to extremes like panic, anxiety, despair or even the “positive” extremes like to be over-excited. Being aware of these body responses helped to take me back to a grounded space.
I continue to be aware of my body’s responses in my day to day life now.” –  Emma, Myocum


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