February Package Offer

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Oops, you’re here!.. ūüôā read on below …

Sign up for Series of 6 sessions with Amanda in February to receive:

1. Committed, safe, deep and healing space for you on a regular basis

2. a Package of wonderful Self-Loving nurture time

3. A discount off Amanda’s current rates, and a guarantee of those rates even when her prices go up in March¬†(this is a saving of approximately $90)

4. 6 sessions to be enjoyed in your timing. You may have a session every week for 6 weeks, fortnightly or monthly. Tailor it to your needs. The only condition is that you receive them all by the end of
your 6 month period.

5. Your choice of Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Pregnancy/Post-natal Massage, Lymphatic Drainage or Somatic Experiencing for your 6 sessions (You’ve gotta choose One though).

amandak8ebook020915-2amandak8ebook0210156. A Bonus Article with “Tools for Deep relaxation via the Nervous System”, or “Pregnancy and the Nervous system” for those choosing the Pre-and Peri-natal Package.


Ready to Book? Step One: Choose your session type and full or partial payment (payment plan) from the drop down menu below, click the Buy Now button, 

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Or, have questions? Contact Amanda on amanda@wisdombody.com.au


~ Did you make a commitment to take better care of your body this year, or not be so rushed and busy?
~ Do you go to physio or the chiropractor to align your bones and muscles, but still feel stiff and achey and would secretly Love a deeply attuned, firm and nurturing massage?
~ Maybe you are a parent who gives a lot and knows how important it is to have something yummy and rebalancing?

This is massage and nervous system healing that treats the whole Being inside of you, not just you as a mechanism of muscle and bones.

Making it easy for you to receive in way that will soften how you feel in your body, and help you connect to your heart and your Being.  So although your physical body will feel Much better after your session, you will also experience a deepening and softening in the way you feel emotionally and energetically.

[icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#800080 ] So you can relate to your partner from a fuller and more centred place
[icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#800080 ]¬†So you can “fill up your well” and parent with love rather than exhaustion, arguing and needing to divert your children to the screens (Relaxation Massage Series)
[icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#800080 ] So you can experience comfort in your body and relaxation around your neck and shoulders (Deep Tissue Massage Series)
[icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#800080 ] So you can feel supported and nourished during your pregnancy and beyond (Pre and Peri-natal Massage Series)
[icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#800080 ] And so you can come into harmony with your hormones and menstrual cycle (Moon Massage Series)

¬†¬†“I really really really looove my sessions with Amanda! I started getting sessions last year due to a health issue and it has helped enormously.¬†I have signed up for a 6 week block¬†because going every fortnight for me makes it affordable and do-able time-wise, but really I plan to just go forever! My own temple experience each fortnight.” – Jenni Cargil Strong


How does it work?

The Wisdom Body Massage Series is a series of 6 sessions ideally taken within 3 months, and at maximum within 6 months. For a limited time in February it also includes an article with information and tips on nervous system relaxation relevant to your Package (That is, pregnancy or general life related). *Read the conditions at the bottom of this page*.

Wanna Jump in?

Claim your Series automatically below:

Step One:¬†Choose your session type and whether you will pay the whole package in one go or in a Payment Plan of $150 now, $150 in one month and the last $150 2 months from now. You can choose these from the drop down menu below, then click “Buy Now”

Six x 70 minute Sessions 

Choose Your Session Type

[hr]Step Two: Book your first 3 sessions HERE 

[hr]Step Three:¬†Look out for your Welcome and Confirmation email.¬†If you don’t receive it within 24hours please contact Amanda on amanda@wisdombody.com.au

Please NOTE: Amanda will be walking her talk and taking a well earned break between Feb 16 and March 6th, so communications will be slower in that time via amanda@wisdombody.com.au


¬†‚ÄúThank you Amanda, I love receiving massages from you. I feel completely safe and nurtured to let go, by you being present and intuitive to what I need. Your massages are always so whole, thorough, deep, releasing and nurturing‚Ä̬†– Natasha Hain, Pregnancy yoga teacher, Red Tent Yoga Byron Bay co-manager
‚ÄúThis work has been helping me immensely. I feel held in a deep, nurturing and present way. On a practical level the PTSD I‚Äôve been dealing with has reduced markedly‚Ķ My nervous system feels soothed, I am generally calmer and no panic attacks since I started the Somatic Experiencing sessions. Thank you Amanda¬†¬†‚Ä̬†– Sally Guildford, vocalist, actor and Kundalini dance facilitator


* Conditions of Agreement (details):

~ This series is non-transferrable to another person.

~ The special rate for 6 sessions is only valid if the complete amount is paid by the end of the 3rd month. If the complete amount is not paid, the client will be liable for Amanda’s full hourly rate current at the time of the session.

~ This is a short term offer during the month of February, however once this agreement is entered into you are guaranteed this rate regardless of Amanda’s price changes in March.

~ This offer cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offers from Wisdom Body.


Bookings may be made via:

~ The online scheduling app which will be sent to you in your welcome email. You can look at availabilities and book here.

~ Or over the phone with Amanda. Her number is 0421 079 644 or landline (02) 6684 2202. If you get the answering service please leave the best day and time to return your call. Please note between February 16th and March 7th she will be out of phone range.

~ It is recommended to book in the first 3 sessions upon initial payment, and at least pencil in the last 3 so that you can plan your time and begin to An-ti-ci-Pate [icon icon=icon-heart size=14px color=#800080 ] .. and of course, so you don’t miss out on this wonderful gift to yourself!

~ It is your responsibility to ensure you allow adequate time to book in all of your 6 sessions within the 6 month period. No refunds will be given if you leave it until the last minute.

~ 48 hours notice is required in order to cancel without a fee and 24 hours notice to re-schedule. All effort is made by Amanda to ensure you’re aware of the date and time of your upcoming session. So pssst … Please ensure Amanda has up to date contact details for you!

~ If you do not show up for your session a 100% of your session fee will be held without refund.