The Integrated Birth Program

Deeply integrate and heal your birthing experience with the help of a professionally trained masseuse and trauma therapist.

For women who have recently given birth, whether triumphant or traumatic, and who feel they haven’t “landed” again in themselves and their body

For women who want to give birth again in an empowered way, free from the stress or trauma of a previous birth

For women preparing for birth and wanting to understand how their nervous system can help them create the most optimum pre-natal and post-natal experience for self and baby.

And for women who feel that their experience still holds trauma or shock, even if they gave birth 20 years ago.

Birth is powerful.

You’re a capable woman. You have a good life, you (mostly) love your family and friends, you have a good sense of yourself, but birth has got you hostage.

It goes without saying that birth deeply effects us as women and mothers, but we don’t often have a safe or knowledgeable space to integrate the changes to our bodies, an unplanned (or planned) medicalised labor or suddenly having a whole new miraculous human being in our care.

It’s HUGE!

The Integrated Birth program helps you to integrate the shock and possible traumas collected in the birthing process. To help you arrive fully back into your body and be more present for your baby and yourself. Even if your birthing experience was “positive” and empowered, it can take time and knowledgeable support to bring you fully back into yourself as a new and wonderfully mothering-You.

Because the more balanced and at home you are in your body, the more your baby will be too. Your baby is learning all the time, it’s nervous system doesn’t finish laying its foundations until it is 18 months old! So this is so crucial for your baby’s well-being.

 mother and baby noses

What is the Integrated Birth Package?

This method is deeply embodied.

It is not about understanding your experience with your mind (though that often organically happens).

It is not about going into your emotional feelings (although these can come up).

It is listening deeply to and following your bodies natural healing impulses in a gentle way that your system is able to handle and integrate. It is creating space and permission for the body to do what it may not have had time to do in a powerful experience like giving birth.

If you had a traumatic birth or your nervous system was already highly sensitive before the birth, these integration sessions can be the difference between parenting from a disconnected/ highly reactive place and being deeply present, warm, loving and grounded as you parent. These can make All the difference in your child’s early bonding and nervous system growth, and your fundamental experience of what it means to be a mother.


The Package includes:

[icon icon=icon-heart size=14px color=#800000 ] Choose a 3 or 6 x sessions Package . These are one-on-one therapeutic session given in 70minute blocks. Using Somatic Experiencing™ which include talking and some light touch or Island Style Pregnancy Massage incorporating Reiki, lymphatic drainage and remedial massage as needed.

[icon icon=icon-heart size=14px color=#800000 ] 1 x 18 page book on Pregnancy and the Nervous System. Crucial for understanding the role of bonding and connection and your state of being for your childs’ flexibility in life.

[icon icon=icon-heart size=14px color=#800000 ] Ongoing and relevant tools for your nervous system and your baby bonding.


To make it easy for you to step towards a warm and loving experience with your baby, Im offering a $70 Introduction session (nearly half my normal rates).

This is such a tender, important and deeply felt part of your life. I want to honour that tenderness and give you a low-risk chance to try me and this process out.



Why an Integrated Birth Package?

As a professionally trained pregnancy masseuse and trauma therapist, I have seen over the years a lack of places for women to truly integrate and heal their birthing experience and empower themselves. I’ve seen that many women believe there isn’t a way to do so deeply other than telling the story, or perhaps hypnosis. And many many women’s pain just simply go under the radar. I believe deeply in the body’s wisdom and in working with the body rather than against it or ignoring it. And I believe deeply in the profound medicine of touch for a pregnant or breastfeeding mother (And I have ample scientific evidence to back up these beliefs!)

But, really, I offer this package for selfish reasons. Although my birthing experience was a “good one”, I personally had quite a bit of trauma surrounding the birth, and have experienced the effects of that early environment on my mothering and my child. It was painful for me and I know it is possible to both avoid those negative effects, and heal the ones that have come about.

And, frankly, I Love to see a child who is well held, who is well bonded and who’s mother is grounded in her role. It motivates me deeply to know this child will grow up with a stable foundation in his body and brain!

So I’d love to help you if you feel drawn. However I don’t just work with anyone. This isn’t about me fixing you or “fixing what is broken”. You need to be willing to slow down and listen to your own wisdom. I’ll guide you, hold your hand, and celebrate with you, but this is about empowering you and developing your own presence and love in your body.

Book in below and lets see if we can work together!