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Integrated Birth 

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For women who have recently given birth, whether triumphant or traumatic, and who feel they haven’t “landed” again in themselves and their body

For women who want to give birth again in an empowered way, free from the stress or trauma of a previous birth

For women preparing for birth and wanting to understand how their nervous system can help them create the most optimum pre-natal and post-natal experience for self and baby.

And for women who feel that their experience still holds trauma or shock, even if they gave birth 20 years ago.

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Harmonising the Feminine
moon time home study

For women who have trouble slowing down in a masculine-led world,

Who suffer from strong period pain, PMS or illnesses of the reproductive organs,

Who want to get to know their natural cycles after long periods on the pill,

Or want to learn how to reap the benefits of their cycles’ periods of greater psychic intuitions, healing integration of past hurts and how to work with their bodies natural sexual/sensual cycles

If you’re ready to look forward to your menstrual time rather than dreading the pain, moods or fogginess, check out this Program here

Parent Caregivers’ 

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If you find yourself shouting over breakfast rather than enjoying the sweetness of your child’s face and innocent play …

Feel like you’d strangle your child if she asked for one more thing …

Or drag yourself through the day waiting for the kids to go to bed, but are too exhausted to enjoy the space when it comes …

This Package Really might be for you! 

Six Session Series IMG_6295

~ Did you make a commitment to take better care of your body this year, or not be so rushed and busy?

~ Do you go to physio or the chiropractor to align your bones and muscles, but still feel stiff and achey and would secretly Love a deeply attuned, firm and nurturing massage?

This is massage and nervous system healing that treats the whole Being inside of you, not just you as a mechanism of muscle and bones.

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