Discounted Melbourne sessions

Do you feel that your body has a greater potential for
pleasure and relaxation?

And are you struggling to find a balance between your sensitivity/feminine nature and the demands of parenting and work?

Let’s face it…

Life is busy, demanding, glorious and mundane. Very different from how you may feel in meditation, in nature, or on retreat.

And it’s easy for the Soulful truth of you to get lost along the way…

> Getting grumpy and lost in arguments with kids or partners,

> A body that doesn’t rest, digest or connect well (leading to a need for stimulants or distraction to keep going),

> A body that is tense and sore with repeating aches and pains,

> Painful periods and wild hormones,

> And sense of life passing by without having Felt yourself since you don’t know when …


It can take a conscious pause and rewiring of the brain and body in order to live in a way that aligns with who you Really are.

It can take a radical Stand for the value of YOU filling out your life with your unique, precious light.


So, I would love to introduce a gentle and deeply effective method for shedding stress, disconnection, and out-of-alignment to come into deep contact with the Heart of you.


Introducing Wisdom Body’s DISCOUNTED Somatic Bodywork Sessions for this weekend only

Because these sessions are so much more than a physical massage…

They are the inner medicine for a deeply heart-filled, embodied life


Who are these sessions for?

These sessions are for women with a Knowing of the god/sacred/Divine in them who perhaps have lost their connection to that precious feeling of Self,

For women who have tried many things to “fix” a recurring tension or inner emotional pattern, which just keeps recurring

For women who love touch (or want to love it),

And for women sensitive by nature, or who may have experienced trauma in early life, who deeply benefit from an approach that honors their sensitivities rather than over-riding or ignoring them.


These sessions are devoted to helping you be free to just walk around in You, without the baggage.

… So that you can experience freedom from physical and emotional tension

… So that you can digest well, sleep well and connect well with your loved ones

So that you can remember how GOOD it feels to be inside your body!


And they are being offered on Saturday 21st, Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th ONLY. This will be Wisdom Body’s last trip to Melbourne for quite a long time!!


“Oh my goodness – this woman is incredible! I don’t think I have ever felt so relaxed in my life.

Highly recommend Amanda to EVERYBODY”.– Jo



“I found Amanda to hold deep, deep presence in our sessions, and the quality to which she could ‘unpack’ what was happening for me moment by moment was incredible. I believe that to work with Amanda is to give yourself permission, care and unconditional love to meet those parts of yourself, and uncover your true potential as LOVE walking this existence” – Karen


“Thankyou Amanda for such a delicious and deeply nurturing experience. You effortlessly guided me into my body and my intention for the session which was to let my nervous system unwind. I was able to completely melt into your touch and was so completely relaxed at the end of the session. I feel amazing!! And now it’s time for a little nap. Thankyou, I think I’ll go for a 3 hour session next time!!” – Lisa


Here are the details of this generous Discounted Melbourne Introduction Offer:

The Deal is:

> If this is your first session with Amanda, you will receive $10 off your introduction 90mins (normally $150) with the code RELAXme

> This introduction discount is for bookings in April 20-24th, 2018, and for new clients only.

> There are only 4 discounted Introduction sessions available. Once these spots are filled all sessions are charged at Wisdom Body’s normal rates.

> This offer cannot be transferred to or held in credit with any other offers from Wisdom Body, must be used on the dates above. Any cancellations within 48hours will forfeit the full session fee.

> Sessions take place in Northcote. Specific directions will be sent once your appointment is confirmed.


“I am in awe of Amanda’s gift to bring out hidden gems within my bodyself, to help me reconnect with my deep sense of self in the safest, most gentle but effective way. I got such a strong sense of BEING, at home in my body, of loving who I am after the session. Amanda works from a very intuitive and wise place where she shines a light to walk hand in hand with you the path into the unknown of your wise bodyself. What a beautiful adventure! Find out for yourself!” – Melanie

 Call or text 0421079644 to grab a discounted spot while they last! 


“When I first started seeing Amanda I was experiencing severe pain and a sense of frozenness in my upper back, as well as significant pain in my arms and hands. Though I saw this pain as largely ergonomic (from working at a computer) I also had an inkling that there was a deeper trauma-related emotional component. I wanted to find a practitioner who would help me relieve my physical symptoms but who was also willing to engage with the emotional aspects of what I was experiencing in my body. Considering this, it was important for me to find someone especially sensitive and aware, someone I felt I could trust. The sessions with Amanda have been really eye-opening. She has tailored the massages very much to my specific requirements, and our work with S.E. has allowed for some major revelations. Working within an ongoing program structure has created a soothing rhythm to our sessions, which is something else I find helpful. Amanda has a quiet strength and a gentle sensitivity, both necessary traits when it comes to working with trauma and healing. I cannot recommend her highly enough!” – J.C., Author


“This was my second session with Amanda and I’ve really enjoyed her strong yet gentle presence and support. I loved her confident ability to connect with my needs through her understanding of my body/mind/emotional patterns and her use of Somatic skills to help me to work through them to find healing and new spaces within. I highly recommend Amanda, a wise and experienced practitioner.” – Edward


“I had the good fortune of having a session with Amanda recently. I had no idea what to expect as I was not familiar with Somatic Experiencing but it was exactly what I needed that day. I had a painful emotional issue that Amanda helped me to shift, she held a beautiful space for me and gave me some helpful techniques to use to continue to shift some long held anger. I was afraid of how that anger might be expressed if I let it out but Amanda gave me a gentle, but very effective, technique to use. Thanks Amanda xx” – Kaye


Do you have Questions? 

Text or Call Amanda here: 0421079644