Meet Your Wisdom Body

or .. How Wisdom Body’s approach works:

 As women, we want to open to the possibility that our body can be a place of presence and pleasure, but we may be dealing with recurring pains, or recovering from a shock or trauma.

Wisdom Body is unique in that it combines deeply nurturing massage with cutting edge psycho-biological techniques to help you experience the pleasure, relaxation and presence you long for. We work directly with the muscular and energetic system, the body memory and the brain/nervous system in order to make changes at a deep level.

Wisdom Body addresses many body symptoms, stresses and traumas which traditional talk therapy and stand alone massage do not touch. This approach goes beyond what your intellect “knows” to access the deep instinctive knowing in your body.

Your wise, wise body is an intelligent map-work always endeavoring to bring you back into triumphant balance… We give it deep nurture, space and time, wise listening and it… u n r a v e l s


Wisdom Body does not offer psychotherapy or psychological counseling. Although emotions, family history, traumas and old stories buried-in-the-body can come through and play a part in your session, we work with and release these energies via the body/physiology. (Great for people who have had enough “talking about it” but still want to “heal” or “deal” with it)


“Amanda has amazing hands and her touch is deeply nourishing and healing. I had the best massage session I have ever had with her after a very intense time. I could drop deeply in my session with Amanda, my whole nervous system could finally begin to relax. I had a very deep sleep afterwards and woke up feeling renewed, able to put an old bothering topic to rest for good.
The right touch can heal deep childhood trauma when applied with the right intention – Amanda has the right touch! Touch can reach where no words can get to, especially if the trauma is very deep seated. I can recommend her personally and also in my role as a professional Mental Health Social Worker”. – Barbara Schmidt, Mental Health Social Worker


So, how does this actually work? Let’s take a look …


  1. Freeing the Nervous System

When we befriend our animal brain, (those fight/flight/freeze impulses) we make more space for the Being in us to guide our life. And, when the animal impulses are ignored/shutdown or feared, we are often unconsciously led by them.

Most standard ways of addressing your physical or emotional pain don’t take into account the nervous system and its crucial role in creating your reactions in life.
In my experience, many chronic tension or weak muscle patterns can be linked back to a stuck “on” or “off” nervous system response.

> Your nervous system controls your heart rate, digestion, perspiration, urination, pupil dilation, and muscular tension or collapse. It is the instinctual programming for you to relax, be social, fight, run or freeze. And it is non-intellectual.. It is the home of your immediate, patterned responses to life.

Many of these responses work well for you, like moving your hand quickly away from a fire or freezing when you see a dangerous spider or dog. However some responses are based on previous events or feelings where you had a fright or you didn’t have a chance to respond triumphantly, and thus your nervous system (in simple terms) is still trying to respond.

Stress and trauma have the effect of hardening and freezing your ability to respond to events in-the-moment. Often this means we over-react to someone who reminds us of our past, or we are unable to engage with current things in our life.  This may happen in an obvious way, like a sudden angry outburst, or in a very subtle way like the tightening of a jaw many times over weeks or years. When we retrain the nervous system to be more flexible, more resilient, more attuned to pleasure… it begins to transform stressful situations into ones of connection, lightness and grace, as an embodied experience.



  1. Balance, pleasure and integration: 10294502_10201952371393224_855936717580315625_n

Wisdom Body’s approach is deeply anchored in receptivity, yin, dark, and the mysterious wisdom from the bones.

Many of us have learnt to ignore our need for rest and integration, for quiet time and the “yin” phases of our life  in order to “achieve” and “get stuff done”. The focus in our world on action-oriented “doing” has a deep effect on women’s bodies. Like a coil which is not wound back far enough, our precious bodies cannot spring into dynamic useful action if they are not pulled back deeply into rest first.

I offer deep, nourishing massage to drop into pleasure and the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, so the body can deeply reset itself. I use my training in energetic healing and years of experience to listen to and deepen your awareness of what your body is communicating through imbalance or disease.

I work in harmony with a woman’s menstrual cycle, taking into account where she is hormonally and what she may be needing if she is ovulating, menstruating or none of the above! As menstruation is the “yin” phase of the menstrual cycle, I offer  Moon Massage to encourage deeply resting and integrating at this time.


“I came to my session with Amanda experiencing some burn-out, an unusually heavy period and a deep need to rest and be held in that resting space. I immediately felt comfortable, greeted in Amanda’s calm, centered and present way in a relaxing, comfortable setting. The massage itself was deeply, deeply spot on. Every place Amanda went to was perfect, she took her time, it felt intuitive and didn’t feel busy or like she was moving through a process. The warm towels were so yummy. As a therapist myself, I am aware there is a real skill and art to walking side by side rather than one step ahead of a client and that felt beautiful that Amanda did this, I don’t get that that often, and I have had a lot of massages. I walked away thinking “She held me perfectly, just the way I needed to be”. I will definitely be recommending her”. Monique Rutherford – Counsellor and Trainer


  1. Enjoyment:

Pleasure and enjoyment are essential to transform and change the pathways in your brain so you habitually move towards balance and enjoyment rather than imbalance and pain.

So many of us have learnt to grow through struggle and drama, believing that it can’t possibly be as useful, long lasting or as deep if it isn’t painful. Although a willingness to be with difficulty goes a long way, we also need enjoyment!

Throughout Wisdom Body’s sessions I give time and attention to the things that are going well. I help you bring your focus to that which fills you up, gives you pleasure and makes you happy. And the awesome thing is, I do this, not just because it feels right, but because I know how well it serves your nervous system and your resilience to do so.

Though I give deep and therapeutic massage, I do not give massage that “hurts” as I don’t believe you need to be in pain to release tension or to find pleasure in your body and being. When we are gentle and slow, so much more can shift.


“Thank you Amanda for the best neck and shoulder massage I have ever had. Your intuitive, healing presence felt very clear and strong for me. I appreciate your help with clearing energy and your very soft warm hands” – Megan Edwards,


And Finally,

because that’s the point of it all…

  1. Empowering Your Knowing

I honour your knowing, beliefs and body’s processes and encourage you to notice the ways your wisdom is acting in your life.

You come to your session with me as a whole world of wisdom and experience unto yourself. My role is to hold a powerful space of non-judgement and presence in which things can unfurl and do their work, as well as offer any tools I can for your journey. I figuratively hold your hand, lighten your load, help you to notice the glorious view and bring your awareness to the glorious inner you.


I invite you to contact me for an introduction chat, book in a Session to experience this for yourself or come on over and find out more about Amanda here!


….Wisdom Body’s unique combination of massage and trauma healing means that you can be met exactly where you are at. Whether you need to slow down and establish self-care for yourself through massage or lymphatic drainage, or you are wanting to deal with painful, recurring patterns, early developmental trauma or obvious symptoms of more recent trauma, Wisdom Body can help you.

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