Love is an internal job

And the power of Transmission in leading others

Hey Moon Dancer,

Don’t mind those packing boxes, or the scaffolding, things are still finding their place and being moved around … it takes a while to land in a new home.

But here, I’ve cleared a spot on the couch and found the tea and a couple of mugs. Come and have a seat, it’s been a big 2 months…hooleydooley whacka-doo, it. has. Been. a. CORKA! And I’d love to share some of the gems on internal love I’ve gathered in the move-about-upheaval.

To make it interesting (for me) .. I’m gonna share the gems point style…

1). External things (people, places, objects) can support inner Love, but they don’t substitute for it. Inner Love is an internal job, and that takes grit.

A few months ago, I was living in a heavenly beachside home, in a relationship that felt divinely gifted and I remember walking on the beach with this sweet-sad realization… that it was easy to feel blissful and connected while I had all this external support, but that at some point it might be up to me to maintain that inner divine state if or when these external things changed (cause, the one constant in life is change, apparently).

What felt like just a few short weeks later, I was no longer in the relationship and had been given notice to move out from my heavenly house. (Gotta stop having these wise but very unhelpful insights into the nature of impermanence when things are yummy! Man! Wish I’d remember impermanence more when things are tricky!)

What a testing ground.

Hooley Dooley Whacka-do (to be polite)

What ensued has been super chaotic and Telling about the underside of my psyche. But under all of that is a quiet, warm sense that the love doesn’t go anywhere. The internal states of connection and love that I found when deep in a love affair and being held in the peaceful trees and beach of a dream home, are actually still here.

The chaos is here and emotional attachment is here. But even deeper is Love. Or even.. warm stability.

So.. a key to building inner love?

Notice it’s there. Go where life is pointing you to go. Go where it’s dancing you, go where it’s dragging you. Look for and be curious about love’s presence even in the darkest, most chaotic places.

Remeber love is not determined by external factors. It IS

And another gem…

2) When you work with others’ inner realms.. you gotta know your own -DEEPLY.

Aka: working with others Stuff = Working with your own stuff  (or. The “work” don’t end with the certification to practice in hand)

Cause, the way I see it, this work of traveling into others psyches.. plumbing the depths for the gold of their soul.. it doesn’t just happen cause I like hanging out with women and seeing them glow..

It happens (partly) cause I’ve been willing (ummm, let’s be honest.. DRAGGED kicking and screaming!!) to go to my own edges and, with the help of my own ally’s, plumb my depths for gold.

This point would apply to you if you are a mum raising children (if you want to help them with healthy boundaries on the playground.. you’ve gotta know what that’s like and know how to have them in your world first)

If you are an employer or any kind of guide and leader of other human beings.

When we ask others to do something (clean up after themselves, organize their time well, complete projects, face an inner demon.. we’ve usually gotta model it .. “transmission” is Huge)

We’ve gotta know the territory to be able to guide Anybody out and into triumph!

And at the end of the day, it’s 1000 times of an honor to be able to help another woman walk her undersides and arise triumphant and more in touch with her Soul in her body.

So as I humbly pick through my literal and figurative boxes of Stuff, I hand to you this gem of kindness…

We’re all divine creatures doing our best to fit into these Little human lives and it’s All fodder for the growing of love.

And I wish you so much love, in any crevice or glorious cavern you can find.


Things’ll be shifting around for a bit here. You might notice the look and feel changing.. a new website is on its way, I’m off to have a professional photo shoot later this week, and.. I’ve joined Instagram: Wisdombody11.. very much a newbie there!

And, one area of this new home is exquisitely clear, my new session room in Ocean Shores. Please come along and experience the delicious energy here!  (pics coming soon)

Find out about sessions and offerings here

big love to you

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