Life Will Wait.. You Can’t Get It Wrong

A bow to the humility and humanness in us all.

Today I want to share a love note. A bow to the humility and humanness in us all, as, perhaps you look back in reflection on your year.

At the end of every the year for the past 8+ years I have a spiritual teacher visit my hometown, and over the years she, and her teachings, have touched me very deeply and “taught me” a lot about love, about the mind and about True nature.  

A few Friday’s ago it was the first public meeting of her visit in the Shire, and I witnessed the size of her love and the way people became beautiful, authentic versions of themselves when they talked with her. My heart opened wide, I laughed till my cheeks hurt, and I remembered the incredible love I have found in her presence before, and forgotten. Again and again as I dive back into daily living and doing.

When I left that night, the laughter and love that had opened me wide again, brought up a big welling of grief. Grief for the way I’ve honoured my mind over what I know to be true, for the way I’ve chased and fed my fears, rather than the truth I found when sitting with her. A kind of desperate sadness to have lost something so precious in the flood of focus on living and survival.

And this is what I heard from inside my heart that I want to offer you.

Life will wait for you.

Your true nature, the love that is the base of you, and that is bigger than your “Amanda” or “Shane” or “Mary”… doesn’t mind if you spend 100 years chasing your tail in fear, anger or sadness.

It doesn’t mind if you give your thoughts, time and energy to your selfishness, your jealousy, your anger, your pettiness.

These things don’t touch who you are at all.

True nature is intelligent and deeply lovingly wise. You can’t get it wrong, can’t waste time. (That’s just a trick of the mind). But you can choose love and your true nature sooner. But only because something in you wants it.

Not because you should.

Be your Amanda, Mary or Shane.

Walk your walk and listen for the wise hum below and in it all.

You can’t get it wrong and love wants you as much as you want it.

And how glorious is That 🙂

Be well dear human!

with love


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