Life is a call and response thing

Have you been dreaming into what 2018 will hold for you? Have you been making lists (and checking them twice), visualizing or doing rituals to bring those things closer and heal the places that have been painful?

These are powerful things to do (and they often work!), but they can also distract us from the fullness and beauty of This moment, and can sometimes create tension .. as a teacher of mine says “too much intention causes tension”.

So, I’d like to offer something to the “intention-setting”pot.. that

Life is a call and response thing.

Life is Always responding. It can’t help it.. and you don’t have to Do anything or Be anything different for life to respond to your call. It’s actually all happening in the effortlessness.

And Effort (trying and “doing it right”) is sometimes the thing that gets in the way of things showing up with ease?!

Over the next few days I’m going to be sharing a bit about letting go and prayer to inspire your effortless welcoming of your desires in 2018, and also, what to do when you’re feeling effortful and stuck (aka, attached, emotional or doubting.. aka.. moving into effort or collapse).

Why might I be someone you’d listen to on this stuff? Well.. I’ve spent YEARS chasing and getting all het-up about my intentions! Put Lots of energy into making myself “better” so my longings (a better relationship, more money, more security etc etc) would come to me. I’m someone to listen to because of all the ways I’ve made it so hard for myself .. when it Really didn’t need to be!

I’m also someone who has spent years in an Essence school training learning to listen to the flow of god-force/life/essence and letting the non-physical essence of things guide me, and then years working with others to help them listen to and be guided by that gentle inner voice.

I’ve seen a lot of the glory and the underbelly of intention setting-land. A lot of the ways the personality comes in and tries to Do it. And I’ve experienced my own personality getting out of the way in my life and effortlessness taking root (SUCH a relief!).

So, my lovely, I have a gentle invitation for you…

Love your longings.. cuddle up with them, let there be space in the feeling of them

Listen in to the ones you have in your quiet times
Those gentle longings to rest more
To live more freely with more abandon
To do that thing that makes your heart sing

Allow yourself to dream
Let all the ideas and longings just bubble up without filter
Everything is ok
Everything is offered for a reason

You came here with a particular leaning
A particular skill set
A particular shape

Let it blossom and Be
(You’ll feel so much better for it)

It’s an easy thing, when we cuddle in and say “ok” to life.

And then, to just notice how it is to Be in this moment. Without thought of the future or past. Letting gratitude be in your thoughts and your heart. 

Being present. Now. 

In a few days I’ll be sending an email about call and response when we’re really Not soft and grateful… and how to be with That.

Till then,

Warm wishes and swimming fishes,

Love Amanda

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