Kindness and riding the back of my visions into new territory..

Hey beautiful one,

So over the last few months I’ve been sharing my expansion into running women’s Somatic groups. It’s felt like I’ve hit the gold thread of vocation, (or maybe I’ve just been combining lots of what I love). But, I want to share more of my journey with you because right along-side that feeling of rightness, I’ve also found a deep-thread-of-Resistance.

… Not wanting to plan or to work. Sometimes, there’s just rock-hard resistance, doubt and fear… I don’t even know what Of?! The newness of things, the out-there-in-the-world-ness of things.

Riding the back of my visions into new territory…

Eek-ing f*^k!!   NEW territory!!

So, I’m sharing this with you because I see this is often the human experience. I know I’m not alone in hitting this uncomfortable patch in doing something new. We tend to do one of 3 things. We either don’t grow/try new things so we don’t have to feel these (sometimes Deeply) uncomfortable feelings. Or we Do grow outside our norm, hit the fear/doubt/resistance patch and run back to our comfort zone (SO tempting!).

We breathe through the turbuent patch, hold ourselves close, keep a firm eye on those visions, and an anchor in the earth or God or whatever we call Holy…

Because I’m remembering that in life, and in my work; with expansion comes contraction. I’m remembering that this is the natural flow of things. It helps to test our direction and longings. Do we really want this new-ness? Have we outgrown the old shell enough that we’re willing to brave the Unknown?

This is how we allow our edges to show us how we are growing. This is how we turn and face what has caged us.


I drew this picture (below) for a client the other day describing how we can block out big feelings of grief or anger, but how the very act of blocking-something-out, cages us in! If we can’t face grief, we are bound to look everywhere but at grief. If we can’t face vulnerability, we are bound to always face away from vulnerability. It may sound ok, but This is how we make our worlds Smaller. Our capacity thinner. Our willingness that much more brittle and snappable.


So, my dear friend, the first step when there’s resistance, doubt or fear alongside stretch and new-ness, is to meet it with a big dose of kindness.

Cause kindness will say:

I am where I am
Things are how they are, in this moment.
And when I don’t try to make it different, I’m ok.
I’m human And I’m Divine

And when kindness has offered her sweet balm, clarity can come in and have its say.

This is what Clarity said to me today:

My mission is to bring what has been separate into one
To bring kindness, relief, deep love, play,
Connection and deep acceptance.
To meld Two into One
One Hundred into One
We are all One

This is the wild horse of my visions that I’m riding…


Want to join me ?? 😉



Bah-bah-bummmmm… drum roll.. These circles (below) are the vessel that my vision of healing the separation of mind/body/spirit/hearts and humanity is playing itself out in. I’d love to invite you to share in this experience and in this vision too..

Come join us in a Committed 6 Week Group beginning 7 February

Combining Somatic experiencing, Attachment theory, conscious dance and Diamond Essence style inquiry practices, these circles are gentle, deep, playful, informative and Fun!

These circles are wonderful for women who have taken their inner work to a certain level and know or feel that “the body” is the next terrain for them. They are perfect for women who are curious about the link between the animal instincts (in our brain and nervous system) and the soul.

These 6 week groups will help you befriend and experience your nervous system from an embodied place and soothe and feed your attachment system. Games, exercises, inquiries into life as experienced In the Moment. Presence and the felt sense, Deepening your relationship and integration with your “lizard” brain. The 6 week format allows for a deeper practicing of the tools given in circle.. so that this ground of experience becomes part of the ground of your being.

“You knit a hammock we can rest into, maybe without even knowing it!
… Amanda embodies a sense of trust in the process which is reassuring, supportive and offers a sweet tenderness.” Emily

Here’s the Details:

~> Evening Somatic Inquiry and Sisterhood Circle
Tuesdays 6-8.45pm
7th Feb – 14th march

~> Daytime Somatic Inquiry and Sisterhood Circle
Thursdays 12-2.45
9th Feb – 16th march

Price: $290 EARLY BIRD by the 26th Jan.
After that $300 concession/$360 full for the 6 week block
Venue: Mullumbimby area, TBA


“Just exquisite, knowledgeable, wise, attentive, present with great timing with people’s processes. I felt a reconnection to my open heart, compassion for others, love and respect for myself” – Monique


> Please note: These Circles are kept small and intimate and places are already being snaffled up..  message me if you’d like a spot so we can hold it for you! 0421079644 or


I’d love to have you join us as we ride these wild and tenderly-kind horses into greater aliveness, greater capacity and deeper connection 🙂

With big love to you and your wise wise Body,

xx Amanda

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