How to tap into your Brilliance

Have you ever had someone compliment you, tell you you’re brilliant, for something that felt effortless for you? And did you ever think .. “nah, really, it wasn’t me. I just showed up, had fun and good stuff happened!”.

It’s in our places of flow (and effortlessness) that our brilliance really shines

Let me share this from my experience… when a person has a great session with me, they may often express amazement at my skill or insight (I’m not boasting here.. I’m wanting to point you to something else,.. for you). Because I Always feel the response that “I didn’t do anything, it was You that made it happen!”. Or more to the point, “I just showed up, emptied myself and was available for the experience You called in”. It literally doesn’t feel like me.

In my experience, there is deep value in being able and willing to empty oneself.. but it is the receiver who sets the depth of what is available to happen. And that is Big!
A therapist, or parent or lover can have all the tools, the willingness or the Love to give, but if the receiver is not open to receive, that love, skill or offering has nowhere to go.

So brilliance is found in situations where all elements are open to it’s flow. The full exchange of giving and receiving. And it takes both parties in equal amounts to show up for their role in the cycle. It is a true gift (for self and other) to be able to give fully .. do you know that feeling? When someone really Gets what you are giving, and they take it in?? How Satisfying and fulfilling that feels to do what you love Fully?! (I’m often laughing when someone says thanks for a great session.. “they have no idea how great the experience was for me”!!)

And it’s also a true gift to be able to receive fully. To be able to totally soak something in without thought of the others needs or role. To be absorbed in the positive experience within your own body/Soul. The Spaciousness and satisfaction of that.
And when that cycle is open and flowing between both, grace can move in and magic happens. Often.

So how do you tap into your brilliance?

Become a conduit for grace to move through. Become nobody.

Whether you’re giving or recieving.. The places you are most brilliant are when “you” (your preferences and ideas) are least there. You are present with the moment, with the other elements in the space, but your personality has moved aside to listen, to respond, to express without pre-conceived thought.. this is often accompanied by a feelings of love, inspiration, compassion, joy..

And then … it’s just the way…
The words come without thought in just the right way, at just the right time hitting just the right note to create shifts in the listener.

The way, you’re in the flow of paint and line and colour and the way they combine just so on the canvas.. and you step back and think (how’d that happen?!) 

The way your arms lift to the music and your hips swivel.. your legs leap and bounce and you’re dissolving in music expressing body, expressing joy

Emptying and flow, receiving and gifting.

To me, when I fall into my brilliance (which isnt “my brilliance” at all.. it’s the brilliance of Life) this cycle shows me how available and ready life is to LOVE us. How full the generous flow of life is when we play our role of giving and receiving and being “nobody” in the process.

A poem and a prayer for you 🙂

Let it all be proof that life loves you.
That soft, warm touch of sun on your cheek
The way the cool breeze makes you feel more alive
The depth of blue in the sky and how each time you actually look, those clouds are incredible and evidence of the miracle of life.
Let it all be proof that life wants to love you Everywhere, in every crack and crevice.
And if you find yourself on the receiving end of beauty, let it Pour in my love.
Let it nourish your cells
Open yourself to Love speaking to you through the mirror of life

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