Harmonising the Feminine

For women who have trouble slowing down in a masculine-led world,

Who suffer from strong period pain, PMS or illnesses of the reproductive organs,

Who want to get to know their natural cycles after long periods on the pill,

Or want to learn how to reap the benefits of their cycles’ times of greater psychic intuitions, healing integration of past hurts and how to work with their bodies natural sexual/sensual cycles.


If you, like many women, have a tumultuous relationship with your menstruation; Welcome to another way.

You know how it is; the emotional roller coaster, the PMT, the messiness, aches and pain, your suffering relationships. Sometimes it can feel like your moon-time Completely takes over your world and destroys everything built up before it. It’s understandable that we use pain medication, hormone balancing pills, coffee to boost our energy and copious amounts of chocolate or wine to calm us down.

The thing is, many of these approaches repress, hide or deny the body’s natural rhythms and needs. In effect we tell the body to be quiet then get upset when its shouts louder in the form of polyps, extreme emotions, pain and cysts.


Harmonising the Feminine gives you the tools to work with rather than against yourself. It helps you gracefully tune-in to your body and harmonise with your rhythms, so that you can reap the Benefits of your moon-time, rather than fight against them. When we do this we discover the incredible resources in your woman’s body that make you (at specific times of the month) confident, receptive, sensual, creative and more psychic, sexually powerful and fiercely protective, And less emotionally volatile, less physically uncomfortable, more surrendered and more empowered.

Sounds cool huh?!

Most of us grew up in masculine environments or had “masculine” mums who emphasised strength and pushing through, “toughening up”. Femininity was often associated with “weak”, vulnerable and possibly even “crazy”. In pushing away our natural hormonal rhythms, we miss out on a profound connection to our mysterious, feeling based selves, to a source of whole body resetting, spiritual connection and our own beautiful female bodies.


So How can this Program Help? This Program will:

√ Help you to listen to your body and its needs, rather than pushing through and creating stress for your body

√ Reduce headaches, pain and moodiness

√ Create more pleasure hormones when your body is naturally lower in estrogen

√ Give you space to listen to what your body is communicating if it is manifesting disease or disharmony around your reproductive system

√ Deepen your relationship with your feminine self and the cycles of the moon when you bleed

√ Create a pattern for your body to instinctively go inwards as it comes up to your moon time, reducing stress on the body and mind

√ Give you a space where you don’t have to engage, be social, be considerate of others’ needs or wants, but simply receive for yourself. Hallelujah!! 


What is it?

It is a Bodywork and home study Program.

It is a supported structure to help you look within for the solutions to your body/emotion imbalance and deeply Nourish your sweet self.


The  Package includes:

Online Content:

  •  Moon tracking diary; delve deep into your psychic, emotional, mental and physical cycles through out the month. Find your patterns and understand your own rhythm
  • How to plan your month according to your cycle to gain the most of the different phases; even if you are a busy mum or career woman
  • Hormonal guide; learn which hormones are strongest when, what their job is and how you can benefit from going with them.
  • The deeper psychic and subconscious symbolism of your cycle; the 4 Goddesses and archetypes.
  • If you cannot access Northern NSW, guidance on “How to find an Awesome masseuse”. It’s all very well and good to know you need nurture and deep care around your cycle, but how do you find someone who just Gets you and what you need? This article will show you how to find him/her.
  • Unlimited Email access and support
  • Harmonizing the Feminine Playbook with

– Body Dialogue homework

– Embodiment practices

– Journalling exercises


Offline Content:

For those who can access Northern NSW you have the option to include 6 x 70 or 90 minute Moon Massage sessions as part of your Package


Fall In Love with your “moon-time” and deeply celebrate the mystical treasures in it. Really!

For the Online package only




For the Online and 6 Session Package





Aside from the online program, if you include Sessions in your Program, you will be receiving Moon Massage to assist your body to go deeply into rest during the most “yin” phase of your hormonal cycle.


What is Moon Massage?IMG_6254

Moon massage is a deep and sensitively attuned massage given either in the week before or during a woman’s’ menstruation (or “moon”) time. Everything is set up to invite deep relaxation and letting go, from warm towels, oil and heat bags, to flowing music, safe sacred space and subtle essential oils designed to relax and harmonise.


How does it work?

Moon Massage works to slow you down and connect you to your body wisdom because it bypasses the rational mind. We access that wisdom through the senses, using safe and caring touch, pleasant smells and sounds and beauty. We make sure the body feels totally held and safe, and in that way, allow your precious body to unwind, to integrate, to heal and to be deeply nourished.

When we slow down our pace of life and allow our bodies to rest and to be “yin”, we function better, our moods are more balanced and we have more full and vibrant energy for the active times.


What others have said:

Amanda has a deep spiritual knowledge about women’s health and is tuned in to her clients energy. She provides the right touch for each women’s needs, even when they differ at different times of the month. I would highly recommend Amanda’s professional touch and massage.“
Lainie Gilby-Anderson, Co-Owner at The Sunglass Fix

“Yum, thank you Amanda. I just started to bleed early this morning. What great timing for the massage yesterday. The slowing down supported my blood to flow easily and freely today. I was entering the most delicious place of subtle energetic movements, realising tensions downwards into the earth” – CGN, Tigress Yoga instructor

“Thank you Amanda for the best neck and shoulder massage I have ever had. Your intuitive, healing presence felt very clear and strong for me. I appreciate your help with clearing energy and your very soft warm hands”
– Megan Edwards, Hand in Hand; Parenting by Connection Coach and mother.

Who is behind Harmonising the Feminine?

Amanda PattersonAmanda has worked for years with her own moon cycle, going from a busy, over- worked sole parent with pain, moods and struggle with her own body, to today where she deeply enjoys every phase of her moon cycle and looks forward to the ever deepening relationship with this sacred part of her life.

Amanda Patterson is a trained Trauma Therapist (Somatic ExperiencingTM) and Remedial Masseuse (Dip Rem Msg, Reiki Mastery, Bush Flower essences, Island Style Pregnancy Massage) with over 12 years experience working with women in pregnancy and parenting and beyond. She is passionate about working with the body as the source of deep instinctual knowledge and believes every woman has access to this knowledge for themselves. And not only do they have access to it, they need it for their health and well-being!

Her massage is deeply attuned, present, intuitive and firm. Her trauma training equips her with deeply profound tools to work with your nervous system and release trauma and held stories in the body, so that what is being held around your menstruation can be healed and cleared.


“Thankyou for honoring my body mind and spirit. Your touch was so connected, sensitive and aware. I feel truly held. Much gratitude” –Elushia Sheehan, Remedial Masseuse and Somatic Experiencing therapist.

Commit now to your deeper body wisdom by calling Amanda 0421 079 644 or