Parent Caregivers'

If feel like you'd strangle your child if she asked for one more thing ...
Find yourself shouting over breakfast rather than enjoying the sweetness of your child's face and innocent play ...
And drag yourself through your day waiting for the kids to go to bed, but are too exhausted to enjoy the space when it comes..

Then you're in the right place! Because I know that even though you're sensitive and emotionally aware, adore your child more than Anything, parenting is one area you lose your shit. Repeatedly.

And let me tell you, you're not alone!

One thing I know is that despite the emotions and dramas, you are a Good, patient and loving mother, and your child is Not the child from Hell. You can have a sweet and deeply loving home life and feel great about yourself as a mother and person.

And this is how I know this ..

11 years ago, with my child just 4 months old, I found myself as a solo parent with no father in sight, no close friendships (I'd just moved to a new town to be near family) and a lot of responsibility. I spent years dragging myself through the day, loving my girl, giving and giving and giving because I wanted her to have the best.. But I was sucking myself dry, carrying the trauma of my relationship break up and, despite my kind nature, very emotionally reactive in the process.

I remember one night when she was about 2 years old. We'd moved 7 times in her first years, she was teething and had woken crying again after weeks of broken sleep. I couldn't bring myself to give anymore. Instead I stayed in my room and whacked at my bed and pillows, for hours. I sobbed and sobbed and listened to her cry from the other room.. The night was so quiet and I could hear the crickets as I thought, “This is Wrong ... This is wrong that I am doing it alone, that I am raising a new human being with so little sleep, no personal time, constant demands”... Something clicked that I had to do it differently. I had to build myself more community and loving relationships, I had to take time for myself Before I was exhausted, I had to help myself so I could be the mum I wanted to be for her..

Amanda under a tree

I got myself some great counselling, regular massage, danced every week, went to (lots of) workshops, learnt how to manage my time better and discovered how much I love a nap under a tree.

And I went on a mission to create support for others so parenting could be a happily relaxed and loving affair rather than something stretched, stressed and resentful.
I built an online gift business creating community support for new mums and focussed my massage work on pregnancy and parents. I loved to give what I knew I had needed. I listened to mums and what they were longing for. I trained further in body work, the nervous system and trauma healing. Over the years with more and more passion, I focussed on parenting self-care under stress.

I share this story because I know I am not the only one to parent under high stress.

If you experience rage, irritation or exhaustion more often than not as a parent, and are carrying a recent or historical trauma, through relationship breakup, illness or shock, you are not alone, and there is help at hand.

I love to create connection and support for sensitive mums doing the huge job of parenting under pressure.

So if this sounds like you, how can I help?

I offer a full spectrum of parenting support designed for mums who need a sensitive, wise and attuned therapist who's been there. Who are ready to change the way they care for themselves, interact with their children, and feel about their life.

My sessions are a sensitive combination of massage, nervous system healing and loving kind support. I provide tools for self care, connecting positively with your child, and for managing your time so you can regularly do what lights you up. We work together to help you balance your emotions and deeply anchor relaxation and pleasure as the template you move through life with.

And we change the shouting to giggles, the resentment to love and the exhaustion to deep nervous system resetting. You may even start to love at nap under a tree!

Contact me here to book in for a once off Nurture Session, or to have a chat about the loving, skilled and dedicated support that's available for you in your parenting journey...

We live in a society that isolates and way-under supports parents who are laying the foundations of the future. Raising a family is one of the hardest things you can do, and for some reason we expect to do it with little to no support! Without taking the time to care for ourSelf. And if, on top of the normal craziness of family, you have ongoing stress or past traumas, things can just get overwhelming.

I'd love to partner you in creating a family full of love, calmness and good feelings. So you can go on doing your great work and loving life Even more.

girl and her mother having fun on the grass in sunny

Here is what some people have said after coming for help:

“I came to my session with Amanda experiencing some burn-out, an unusually heavy period and a deep need to rest. I immediately felt comfortable, greeted in Amanda’s calm, centered and present way in a relaxing, comfortable setting. The massage itself was deeply, deeply spot on. Every place Amanda went to was perfect, she took her time, it felt intuitive and didn’t feel busy or like she was moving through a process. The warm towels were so yummy. As a therapist myself, I am aware there is a real skill and art to walking side by side rather than one step ahead of a client and that felt beautiful that Amanda did this, I don’t get that that often, and I have had a lot of massages. She invited me into an awareness of what was coming up and was intuitive and attuned to my pacing. I kinda wanted it to go on forever!

Being a single mum and working in a field that is based on compassion and care, but in an organization with very masculine boundaries, it can be difficult to stay in the feminine. But I know I need to in order to do what I do well. I can see how many women, whether they are single mums or workers, can easily get thrown into the masculine. Amanda was clear with timeframes, pricing, and professional and nurturing at the same time. I walked away thinking “She holds me perfectly, just the way I needed to be” I will definitely be recommending her." - Monique Rutherford

“I parent 3 boys, and am married so I give out a lot to others. I have been coming to Amanda regularly for about a year. Amanda is able to work at subtle levels as well as with deeper strength and intent, so the sessions can be well suited to whatever is needed. Overall it is an experience of deep care and consideration, warmth and holding and certainly more than just a physical massage.

I go back into my life feeling released, like I can relax more, breathe deeper, my neck and shoulders softer and my body easier to be in. I am always more present in myself, more gentle and more willing to give out again after a massage with Amanda”. – Suzy Champion, Mother, HK Practitioner and bodyworker

“I had my first ever treatment with Amanda almost a month ago now and my experience was extremely positive.
I was guided into a very relaxed state and led through a system on how to listen to my body and release the tension that came up for me.
I sought a session as I had chronic pain across my shoulders that had troubled me on and off for years. I was also having to deal with someone close to me whose anger issues were upsetting me.
Following the treatment I had a feeling of calm and all is right in the world. The pain across my shoulders has gone and I’ve had no sign of it since.
I’ve also been able to confront the person who was upsetting me calmly and without getting upset or intimidated (which I normally would) and resolve things there.” Nicki Paterson, Federal

“I came to Amanda during a very low point of my life. I had just left a stressful job and my self-esteem was at an all time low in relation to finding new work and feeling the shock and sadness of a relationship breakup. I always came out of the SE sessions with Amanda on a high and feeling that “everything is OK” and a lot of my worries were just in my mind, not a reality.
SE is like nothing I have experienced before, not like talk therapy or hands on therapy like massage or reiki. It has been incredibly life changing for me to be aware of my body’s responses in relation to certain circumstances. This has given me a basis to be more aware of when my body and my being goes to extremes like panic, anxiety, despair or even the “positive” extremes like to be over-excited. Being aware of these body responses helped to take me back to a grounded space.
I continue to be aware of my body’s responses in my day to day life now.” – Emma, Myocum

Call Amanda now to have a chat on 0421079644

Even if you don't take up my offer of support, I hope you stay in contact by connecting with me on Facebook or in email land here. I'd love to hear what's wonderful and all colours of life for you with family, we're in this together!