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Free Embodied Safety Training

This is a free 4 part video training on Embodied Safety for Sensitive Women

I made this training as a way to share some of the tools I use inside of my 4 month Sensitive Power program, that is see having great and lasting results for my clients. 

It includes:

4 videos
3 key practices which will:

- Help soothe and settle an activated nervous system,
- Change anxiety or stress into settling and relaxation,
- Deepen your general sense of okay-ness in the world,
- Foster an environment of readiness to play and take more risks towards your dreams.
- Be something you can take with you into your life so that safety comes with you (and you dont need to control your environments as much to experience a sense of safety), 

If you are a sensitive woman who's life is smaller than you'd like it to be, because you simply feel too anxious or overwhelmed when you start to move into action, then I've made this short program for You!

If you are wanting to learn to love and connect with your body in a gentle way, or interested in somatic tools for mindfulness and embodiment, then this is Also for you!

You can sign up here: