Express yourself in Love

Are you having a hard time in your intimate relationships?

Do you have trouble expressing your thoughts, feelings or needs?

Even if things are going well.. are there places where you numb out or over-ride yourself?

> Maybe you find yourself saying yes when you mean no and then feeling overwhelmed, overloaded and resentful,

> Or you just say no ALL the time and then feel isolated, dissatisfied and undernourished.

Despite a full tank of intelligence and awareness, (as in, you know very well what you do and that you want something different) these patterns of Not saying what you think, feel or want, make intimate relationships a painful place to be. So, when a stressful issue or event comes up between you and your partner, your child, parent or intimate other, you often react from habitual patterns rather than respond with something more connected/connecting and real.

This is because your thoughts and mental awareness about what you do, dont actually touch the source of these behaviours.

The KEY is held in your instinctual intelligence, the automatic programming in your nervous system laid down (often) at a very early age in life. This instinctual programming effectively over-rides your thoughts about how you might better behave, with a powerful drive to “do-what-you-know”.

Problem is, “what you know”… or what you’ve always done under stress, at some point becomes an outdated and inefficient response to intimacy and life.

When we dont address this instinctual/automatic programming piece of the puzzle, all the intelligence in the world wont make a lick of difference to your ability to change your behaviours and your experience in intimacy when the chips are down.

This is why I’ve created:


This is for heart-centered, loving women who feel stuck in being heard and “getting their needs met” in deep intimacy, sexuality and close relationships;

> For Mums who struggle to give clear boundaries to their kids and end up with late bedtimes, kids getting colds/unwell or way out-of-line behaviour,
> For women negotiating the boundaries of physical intimacy with another, who find themselves overgiving and getting hurt, or walling off their heart to avoid pain,
> For women who feel anxious in imtimacy and want to open their hearts without leaving their sensitivity behind.
Because sometimes Awareness isn’t enough. Sometimes being able to describe the patterns isn’t enough and sometimes, the way you’ve always done it just ISN’T working anymore. 

These sessions will focus on:

> Getting you in your body
– So that you can feel where you are; physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically
– So that you can meet yourself intimately (really, the most important meeting here!)
– So that you know where your boundaries between self and other are,
– So that you can express yourself from a connected, real and authentic place, here and now.
> Getting clear on your specific needs
  • Clarifying the strategies you have used up till now to get them met, shining a light on their impact.
  • Tools for silencing the judgemental or strategising mind so you can know what you Actually want and need,
  • So you can bring deep awareness to places you might go into numbness or override around intimacy,
  • Receiving kind and compassionate listening so you can feel and meet your needs in a deep and compassionate way,

> Expressing your needs to yourself and others in a healthy and loving way

  • So that you can be honest with WHO you are and WHAT you want,
  • So that you can champion yourself and “own” these wants and needs,
  • So you can express your self from a loving and connecting place, rather than combative or fearful.


  • When you do this work, the mind and its strategies, worries or obsessions quiet Right down and take a back seat,
  • You spend much more time being present in your body and present moment experience, and are thus able to respond to situations in intimacy, rather than react.
  • You become more trustworthy with yourself and able to take good care of your self,
  • You become more trustworthy with others, they can begin to trust you say what you mean,
  • Your communication becomes cleaner, deeper truths have space to be spoken and heard,
  • As you meet and accept your tender inner needs and wants, deep intimacy (in-to-me-see)… really being seen and met as yourself, is possible and the Nourishing of that meeting is Delicious
  • Intimate relationships can be a place to create and build on love in your life
  • Intimate relationships can be a deep support for you in your life, giving you a ground for launching into the things you want to create (rather than being a stress that holds you back and preoccupies you)
  • Your own self love develops and it becomes easier for others to see you as love and loving,

Who runs this Program?

Amanda Patterson is a body-passionate explorer of the human psyche, with a particular penchant for clear and loving communication. She is a Somatic Experiencing therapist, Attachment therapy nerd, passionate dancer, bodyworker and women of heart.

With years of courageous exploration into her own world of intimacy and expression, as well as years working with clients and women’s somatic inquiry groups, she’s well versed in helping women traverse the tender realms of the heart with grace, kindness and soulful skill.

“I am in awe about Amanda’s gift to bring out hidden gems within myself, to help me reconnect with my deep sense of self in the safest, most gentle but effective way. I got such a strong sense of BEING, at home in my body, of loving who I am after the session. Amanda works from a very intuitive and wise place to walk hand in hand with you the path into the unknown of your wise self. What a beautiful adventure! Find out for yourself!” – Melanie, musician and mother

“I had the good fortune of having a session with Amanda recently. I had a painful emotional issue that Amanda helped me to shift, she held a beautiful space for me and gave me some helpful techniques to use to continue to shift some long held anger. I was afraid of how that anger might be expressed if I let it out but Amanda gave me a gentle, but still very effective, technique to use. Thanks Amanda xx” – Kaye, mother

Read more about her here


What is this Program?

This Program is a series of sessions focussed on facing and freeing you from habitual patterns of unhealthy behaviour in intimacy, most particularly, your freedoma nd truth of expression. We use a combination of Somatic Experiencing, Attachment therapy, Parts Dialogue and embodiment practices. Sessions can take place in person or Online over Skype.

Is this a group program or 1-on-1?
This Program is designed as a 1-on-1 program so we can go slowly and with great care into these patterns and into the hearts’ tender domain.
How is this Program Offered?
Express Yourself in Love is offered in 2 Tiers of support and which Tier you choose will be based on the depth of this pattern you are facing in intimacy and upon your history with relationship and attachment. All of this is calrified in the application process.
Tier 1 is 3 sessions spaced over a maximum of 6 weeks. Tier 2 is 6 sesions spaced over a maximum of 12 weeks.

What is the investment? 

Tier One: Express Yourself in Love is $398

Tier Two: Deepen Yourself in Love is $769
Are payment plans possible?  
Yes payment plans are possible. Please request that in your application.
Where are these sessons held?
The sessions are held in person in Ocean Shores, Paddington/Brisbane or Online. Addresses for in person sessions are given on acceptance into the program.
This mini-program is called “Express Yourself in Love” because it is based on a belief that under all the conflict or pain we may experience in intimate relationship, is Love. When we give it the presence, time and space to unravel, love is listening, always.

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