Energy, the trouble with trauma & how to get out of negative loops

Do you get stuck in negative loops or have trouble expanding past what you’ve previously known?

In the last few weeks I’ve been doing some gentle (but consistent) energy & chi building practices and, as I feel more rested, resourced and happy in my heart, and as my life starts to reflect that inner well-being back to me via friendly, loving people & synchronistic events, a very clear realization has come to me (with some help.. let me explain below).

When energy is flowing well, it moves throughout the body freely and draws energy


… Up from the earth, from the natural environment, and from harmonious people, places, things. When it’s flowing well, it’s obvious when something ISN’T harmonious and enhancing, so we naturally will gravitate away from that thing, keeping our energy flowing and healthy.


The problem with trauma, shock or stored negativity is that they are like a block in your funnel.


A frozen place where energy gets stuck, and you therefore need to revert to “the past” to know how to respond to your environment. This is a good “survival” strategy, but not necessarily a good Thriving strategy. And being stuck in survival can feel very stressful if done over time (believe me, baby, I know)!



Trauma, shock or stored negativity can essentially keep us in a loop within our own energy system, and as Joe Dispenza says, we stay in the lower energy centers (realted to bodily survival) & we start to use our own resources of energy to run our life, rather than the energy of our own connection to source/life-force/chi (the bigger field around and inside us).

What I see in my work with trauma is that when we start touching on a trauma (with slow and present awareness), energy begins to mobilize. We are unlocking the frozen places, and this is good (it doesn’t often feel good at first, but that shifts a lot once the stored energy is mobilised/expressed).

THIS is what I want to share with you on the VALUE of getting your energy moving, and feeding your system with positive life force and self connection.


>> We can’t create (back up) what we want if we come from a depleted life force <<

We might say we have a dream, a new business idea, a plan for an awesome holiday.. but if we are stuck in survival, many of these “new” things” will turn out like the “old things”… because the system that is creating them is not able to allow new, fresh chi and the unknown IN.

It doesn’t matter what you’re drawn to here (money, love, health, inner peace) if you are depleted, it is harder to feel your natural life-force energy (and the natural joy that it is) and it’s like you dont have “credit” in your bank account.


*Cue big Italian guy at a fruit stall* “eh! Mate, what are you gonna pay for that Expansion with?!! No credit, no Expansion, Eh!!”

So, yes, the trouble with trauma is that it limits the amount of life-force that is able to flow through a body. But when energy is Gently mobilised with kind and soft awareness, those blockages in the funnel will soften and dissolve and you will be free from negative loops. I have seen this over and over again.

And then, and even during that, you can Really focus on chi cultivation, on breathing your energy up to your heart (a daily gratiude journal can help this), up into your throat, and brain and more expanded/connected consciousness.

So in the spirit of all of that… Here’s a little ditty of a dit. A boogey of a boog. Energy moving and chi making a giggle on a face and in some hands. (It’s a dance video.. of me.. being silly. Here)




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