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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application for the Integrated Birth Program. This application is 100% confidential and the questions help me understand your situation and needs better, however none are compulsory. I look forward to being in contact soon.

Application Questions:

Briefly describe your pregnancy in terms of health and emotional well-being; :

Are you currently pregnant and/or have you recently given birth? Please state when you gave birth if you have:

If you have given birth, briefly describe your birthing experience and three main areas you would have wished to be different:

If you have given birth, briefly outline the three main things you are happy about in your birthing experience:

How is your relationship with your baby?:

How do you feel about mothering?:

Why do you feel the Integrated Birth program may be helpful for you specifically?:

What would you like to get from the Integrated Birth program?:

Any additional questions or comments about the program?:

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Thank you for filling out this application!