Amanda PattersonHi, I’m Amanda! I’m a bodyworker and trauma therapist, but you might call me a Sacred Space Holder or a Passionate Embodiment Coach.

If you are a woman with pain or frozenness in the body, I help that to melt into relaxation, pleasure, and freedom in your physical and emotional self, without pushing, manipulation or force and in a way you can integrate easily.

You may have tried straight massage or osteopathy, counseling or cathartic techniques, only to find the pain and stiffness return? And perhaps your sensitivity (either by temperament or due to traumas accumulated in life), has often been over-ridden in what you have tried?

I help women like you to have more time and energy for what and who you love, rather than on managing or worrying about the pain and numbness. And I help in a way that deeply honors your sensitivity.

I’m passionate about helping you to be more available and loving with your children, clear in your boundaries and trusting of your own wisdom. About helping you to create the best life you can live, freely.

Together we deepen and develop your instinctual wisdom, the part of you that Knows, so that a whole different world of flow and


Because something that I know is.. the body holds many untold stories, and these body stories repeat and repeat until they are heard .. or “managed” under a carpet (which, in the end, doesn’t “manage” it at all, just moves it to another area of your body or psyche).

I’m here to help you take-in the messages from your body and re-wire the way your brain processes life. This is about listening, receiving, and healing via gentleness, partnered with pleasure. It’s a radical shift from the cultural norm, and the aliveness and connection on the other side is 1000 x’s worth it.

I believe that embodied and connected women will change the world.

I believe that the time for pushing, manipulating or suppressing the pains or illnesses in our bodies is at an end. We need to do this work of self-care and self-empowerment so we can grow, birth and raise children who are also connected and loving of the earth and themselves.

The idea that we need to “fix” something about ourselves with hardness and pushing only gets us hard and pushed.

I believe that love and gentleness have the power to enter and heal where force cannot. If you’re ready to explore love and gentleness as a path to wellness, call or text me on 0421079644

My Training:

I talk with passion about the body and what’s possible when we listen, and I back it up with brain science and qualification as a  Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and Remedial Masseuse (Diploma).

With more than 14 years experience in Energetic Healing and the Social Sciences, certificates from Island Style Pregnancy massage to Reiki I- Mastery, Trauma Healing for Children, Australian Bush Flower essences and a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Sociology/Anthropology). I bring a rich history of seeking, learning and educating in the workings of the body/mind/spirit-Soul.

I have also studied or participated in:

  • Inner Masculine and Feminine work over a series of 10 years
  • The Jade Goddess teachings
  • The Path of Love – ongoing since 2010
  • Vipassana meditation over numerous years
  • 5 Rhythms Waves (13 years)
  • 5 Rhythms Heartbeat, Cycles and Mirrors workshops (a few times each)
  • Ecstatic dance with Jo Cobbett
  • Diamond Essence work with Turiya
  • The Artists Way (many times!)
  • Feminine Power (online training)
  • Hand in Hand Parenting
  • The Ease program with Quala.
  • The Creative Mastery/Activation Program and Practitioner Training

Why do I do all these trainings? Because I love to meet Truth in this human form and Share this with You!! 

My Favourite Ways to Surrender:

dancing wide open1. I love to dance. Every week. Feet on the floor, ears open to the rhythm, letting my body move out of stiffness and into flow.. I become water, fire, air, emotion in motion and Play. I feel my body, my strength and vulnerability. I offer myself to the god of dance.. and sometimes he Takes me

2. Into an embrace. A good hug is the Best medicine. All my cells crackle and settle like a tin roof on a hot day. Expanding, sighing, grateful. Giving and receiving of the best sort.

3. Naps under trees. Really, as a busy mum, I reckon this is my favorite. A tree, soft grass, warm sun, a blanket and pillows. Everything surrenders down into the ground and Rest. Breezes, shifting leaves, Softening. I love it so.



picking sweetnessDoing Art. For me picking up a pencil and touching it to paper is an act of surrender. When I let the pencil travel, it shows me my inner world, like this:



Want to read more of where I come from?

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by what makes people tick and how to access the space inside that I call the Divine.
Thirteen years ago after an ungrounded and traumatic beginning to my parenting journey, I separated from my child’s’ father when she was just 4 months old. I found myself with a small baby, a huge responsibility and no idea who I was or how to live in the world.

Full of stress and overwhelm on many levels I was catapulted into the world of self-inquiry and healing to find my way. I learnt about the inner child and boundaries. About the connection between the body, mind and emotions. I learnt about working with beliefs, disowned parts of the self and trauma. I learnt about parenting and community (what it’s like to have none, and what it’s like to grow community so that it is blossoming and blooming out of my ears!) And I learnt about me and how to live in the world, in my body and in my life.

This is my passion in my work, to help mothers to be more present, more whole, so they can give themselves and their precious children what they need to thrive; so family can be a place of warmth, nourishment, and love.

I have spent 1000’s of hours on the meditation pillow, the therapist’s couch, in groups and inquiry sessions, satsangs, workshops galore and on the dance floor. When I followed my mind I found that it often took me in circles and into suffering. When I followed my body, I found that it is Wise and has a deep intelligence of its own, and that when given the space, will Always bring me back to balance.

It’s been a juicy and rich journey of remembering to listen to my body and drop what I *think* I know. It’s a journey that I love and also one that I love facilitating and witnessing in my clients. When we access this Wisdom Body, something beyond the everyday and beyond our limits appears. I believe it is our real selves and I see that it heals and often breaks through all our suffering. I believe the body is foundational to our humanness and is a doorway to the Divine that communicates and by-passes the mind/ego split. And also that women have a particular doorway to that body/Divine connection through the cycles of their menstruation and in the hormones of post-menopause.

I would love to connect with you and see if I can help you bring more relaxation, empowerment, and connection into your life. You can apply on this button for my limited Introduction Session.. only $70 for 70mins (sessions can be in person or over Skype)





surrendered paint