A Tool for accessing the Wisdom of Life, and a Prayer for you

Sometimes it takes a bit of hardship for the wisdom of Life (my sometimes-word for God/Spirit/Is-ness) to break through and bring a bit of sanity and heart. And really, I believe we all have access to exactly the guidance we need if we just take the time to listen.

Last week I was playing with some old worrying issues and doing a good job of “suffering” with them. As often happens when I’m in need, I felt a familiar tug to go and pick up a pen and paper. That tug is like feeling a parcel of words wanting to be heard, or a particular energy wanting to be felt .. And this is what came out. Hopefully, it will soothe and settle your worrisome places too 🙂


I want to invite you to bring your worrisome thoughts here, now.

Just bring them as if you could offer them to something caring, and wise outside of yourself. Maybe something bigger than you that knows you as well or better than you know yourself. Now bring those worrisome thoughts and feelings (if you have any!) .. cause these are my INSTRUCTIONS from the Big Boss:

Dear one…

Give it all over to God

All of it

All the iddy biddy thinking bits

The worrying bits

the longings and … that big one you’ve been chewing on since you were a little tot

Give it all over to Life

Give your “getting it right” over

Give your “fucked it up”,

Give your “how will I ever?!”

Give it up.. it’s not yours to carry anyway

Give your hopes like cherished little birds, give them over

Give up your “next moment it’ll be better”

Give it All up.

And feel the Spaciousness that is you

And.. Pray

Ask to be shown

Ask to be guided

Let go of the ropes and see where the stream will carry you

Chances are it’ll be into something more soft and relaxing

Chances are it’ll be into something closer to that sense of You (not the “person” you, but the Being you)

It’s not personal, none of it, Life wants you to Relax.. ok??

So give it over. And enjoy the gift of This moment, right here

Do you have a nutty concern niggling at your insides? Would you like to have a go at getting your own Instructions from the Big Boss-Flavoured-like-You?

Here’s how:

1. Formulate a question about your concern or worry. Write it down

2. Take your pen and, using your non-dominant hand, let the pen (and your Big Boss/inner gudiance) answer. Let it stream and flow out.. it may sound like goobligook at first, just trust.

3. Act as if. Act as if you have access to an incredibly wise and benevolent being who has Exactly the answers and energy you need for your life right now. Act as if and let the pen and your hand show you how …

4. Let me know how you go!!

What’s happening in Wisdom Body World?

A Whole Lotta Self Care

You may have noticed that it’s been Super busy around here. A house move with a new clinic space in Ocean Shores, new fortnightly clinic opening in Paddington/Brisbane (I’m there again this weekend) and a 5 day trip to Melbourne just recently. Mama Gena, a woman whose work I deeply love and admire says that when the pressure is on with more work and more demands, you’ve gotta increase the self-care and pleasurable practices in equal measure.. the opposite of what we tend to do when there’s lots to “do”!

So last Tuesday, at the end of a full and beautiful day of sessions, I happy-sad-ly said goodbye to my Northcote/Melbourne clinic for a while so I can focus my energies up North.

I spent 2 nights down on the Mornington Penninsula with dear friends and went for a walk/jog up and down its sandy coastal tracks. I put my head on trees and my bum on sand. I listened.

I had my first ever float tank. Universes of silence ForEver. It wasnt all comfortable!

I slept a lot.

In the sun.

With a blanket – on my head!

Here’s some pics from my walk:

So, today this email is just a hello in your inbox, an update from me and a curiosity.. how are you doing, riding the waves of life?

I’m wishing you many good things and the strength and capacity to hold all that life brings. May the stream carry you somewhere delicious and restful

x with love, Amanda

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