If life is always responding to your call.. couldn’t we all just Relax and enjoy the ride??

A few weeks ago I wrote an article talking about intention setting and life being a call and response thing (you can read it here). And today, I want to share some of where that insight has come from.. aka.. how do I know that life is always responding to our wishes and prayers?

Well, on a personal note, I see that most everything I have wished for has come to be.. eventually.

That particular quality of wild fun love, or that amount of money or even that shiny red car!

And I see this in my clients lives too. That whether we are in dire situations or feeling a quiet deep calling in the heart, life Does respond. And the main thing I want to share with you is that it ISNT your EFFORTS (or your ego) that makes it so. It’s the Nature of life itself.

… So let me be clear… Your efforts Can make stuff happen, but I reckon it doesn’t feel so good when it comes, cause often you’ve lost contact with the reason for it (feeling you wanted), or you’re so exhausted from the effort, you don’t enjoy it!

Of course, consistent effort/energy put in is necessary in many situations to get you to your goal…

But, what I have found, is that the more you think You are the one making it happen, the further you get from the experience you’re truly wanting to have (I’m taking a lot of liberties here describing your siutation.. but please bear with me.. you know I’m just talking about myself?! As always, take it all with a bar of soap and I hope its useful to the pusher in all of us!)

I believe there is a greater wisdom at work here. It’s an intelligence that orders the stars and gravity, grows the trees and moves the oceans. It is the thing that connects us all to each other and to itself. We are a part of it and we don’t need to do anything to “deserve” or create our separate pocket of goodness.

So, I’ll go a little more specific in Where I get this from

Over many years I have worked with and befriended many beautiful humans with childhood trauma. A common theme I see is that in their lack of safety in childhood, they have reached out to something else. Often in out of body states they become very good at conversing with the spirit realm, and build whole networks of connection with something outside of the body; with spirit, with non-physical guidance.

I see, even in the horrible truth of childhood abuse, a way that life comes in to create some kind of comfort. These friends and clients often work as psychics or energy workers, their sensitivities create a strong bridge to other realms that helps more earth-bound folk expand our perceptions.

What this shows me is that when the longing/need is strong, life responds and brings it rushing in. Sometimes not straight away or in the way we wish it. But it does come.

(It’s also in Diamond Essence work in the theory of holes .. when we feel and meet and get curious about a wound in the psyche (a “hole”), it will turn and often become the holes’ opposite. So sadness becomes peace and comfort

So, in the email a few weeks back, I said that I’d be sending an email about when we’re really Not able to relax with the way things are, or into trusting that life is going to respond.

And the keys to this are the same keys I use in all my work:





INVITE again

If you are longing for more money or a new partner or more harmony in your home.. invite and call it in, ask or state that it’s here,

Listen to your inner response,

Allow the joy or tears or anger to move. Accept where you are with this… “Hold” your little one’s (old) feelings about it if they come up. Or if you’re very open to this thing you are calling for, enjoy the feeling of it running through your body! This is the feeling of life responding to your call!

And Invite the feeling of more money/love/harmony in again.


When we feel like life Suck bats b#lls, it’s a good time to have a cry, yell into a pillow, find a compassionate ear to listen to your un/reasonable feelings and let it all flow OUT. Inquire into the meat and grits of your experience, the light or the heavy, the spacious or the tight.

Cause, lovely one. Life, in my opinion, wants to love us. It wants to have harmonious flow and aliveness .. and where it’s not flowing and alive, it will welcome some sweet compassion and holding, not more pushing and should-ing.

All those intentions and things you openly or secretly long for.. it’s at its root, your souls longing for itself

It is trying to pull you Home.
Just exactly what’s in this moment,

Just exactly all of yourself,

So I invite you.. in your process of inviting, listening, allowing and inviting again.. to soften your hold on the timeline of things.

What would it be like if you had all the time in the world.. ?

What if there was never any rush and nowhere to get to? Just the process of enjoying your own soul’s call and response for itself?

In my experience, when there’s no rush, the gentle deep satisfaction of life can pour in. We can feel ourselves and what we’ve always been longing for.

I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts on this!

With much warm and goodly love,

xx Amanda

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