It’s All you Baby

It’s not a popular thing to say in my line of work, but it keeps coming up very strongly for me to say…

It’s all an inside job, baby 

That tight shoulder you’ve had since you had your first baby,
That deep grief in your heart every time you have your period that makes you doubt your relationship,
That lack of energy flow through your hips,

All of these experiences originate and exist with you. And the power to shift your experience lies within you as you bring your awareness and listening to what is happening in you. You can invite a therapist or healer to work with you, to guide you, to help create space for healing, but they cannot DO the healing for you. 

When we go to a therapist or healer of some kind of course we’re looking for change and relief
When we are in pain or not trained in healing, I get that we need guidance. Of course we do. This is human and this is Beautiful.
We need to feel we’re not alone. And sometimes we need to feel we can relax into someone else’s care.

Yes, lets do that.

But I don’t agree that change occurs with a pill, or purely through someone else’s action.


As a masseuse and trauma therapist I’m supposed to offer solutions and resolution for very genuine pains. And I am genuinely here to help. And I LOVE to help. BUT … I’m not up with the idea that I have the answers for your situation, or that I have the ability to wave a magic wand and make things go away.

This looking outside of ourselves for the answers is just
old news. It’s built on a health care system that makes the therapist the one with the power over your body or inner being, and you a helpless consumer of your their services.

The reality is, you live in your body and personality your entire life, and a therapist who doesn’t empower you to work with your body in more harmony and learn to listen to yourself is doing you a disservice. 

With the old model of a health system, if your body was a car, it’s like the only one with a manual to drive it is standing over there objectively naming your cars bits and how they relate, while you sit in your body/car feeling helpless, hoping they can make sense of the whole mess!
If you were given the map of how your body/mind works. If you were empowered with the tools to keep it running well, to feed it with love, to listen to it yourself, you wouldn’t have to wait until there was steam coming out from under the hood to start asking questions! You wouldn’t have to refer outside of yourself for objective answers to a very subjective experience! And it would be a very different experience to be in your body.

I know you know you are not just a mind dragging a body and heart along… You are an intricate, interwoven, intelligent organism of self organising Wisdom. Your body, heart and mind are intricately linked and constantly communicating to and for each other via sensation, thought and emotion. So when you have a painful back, a recurring hurt or a glorious feeling of open-ness, it touches and communicates all of you … 

It’s all You! And its all connected.

Cause what I see Every time someone comes in my treatment room or hops on my table is that their experience is decided by their internal world. In a day when I see 5 different people, one can have a glorious, soul bathing, heavenly-reboot of body and soul and another..  “just another ok experience” where they are touched in body, but not much else. I am offering pretty much the same level of love, attention and willingness to each client.. it’s whether you show up for yourself that makes all the difference.

It’s whether you’ve prayed for change. It’s whether you are open to the hurt or the anger or the resistance or Whatever is real for you in that moment. It’s whether you are willing to be held and helped from your stuck place. And if it’s right for you, it’s whether you are allowing gratitude for this very moment to seep in.

You are the ground that the change, growth and relaxation must occur within, and you are the gate keeper for miracles… you let them in.. or not!


My rant in bullet point:

  • Stop giving your power away to therapists, healers, psychics and know-it-alls
  • Accept guidance and wisdom that sings in your bones. You are the barometer for your truth, Not someone else!!
  • Stop thinking someone else knows your body or experience better than you. Get to know your body. And hint: LOVE IT. It will work better for you if you do.
  • Stop Ignoring the absolute Glorious wisdom of your own Soul

Amen and hallehlulyah.

Let me know how you go with that
With wild love,

xx Amanda

Meet Amanda:

Amanda is a Body-Passionate explorer of the human psyche. She is passionate about self-care for women and parents and runs programs to support them to fill their own well and come home to themselves. She helps women unwind trauma and frozen patterns in the emotions, mind and body accumulated through accidents, trauma and illness.  

Trained in Somatic ExperiencingTM, years of training in body work, energetic healing, conscious dance and Vipassana meditation. Amanda Love, love, LOVES her work. Contact her here for a chat or more details.

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  1. An interesting read in this area is the work of Dr. Lissa Rankin, an ex E.R. physician who found that giving people 15 minutes treatments did not cure them. So she quit and went on a personal journey to discover a concept called your Inner Pilot Light.

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