Embracing the inner critic

Melt your biggest barrier to freedom and Easeful Momentum

For practitioners who want to Drop the Procrastination, Perfectionism and Shame holding them back,

so they can Naturally Shine and

Help their clients

Do the Same

Do you hear a voice telling you "You're going to muck it up" or "They'll find out you're a fraud"?

Even in the midst of what others would call a natural learning and development phase, or success and achievement?

Are phases of collapse, powerlessness, inner judgement or hardening up and "pushing through" (but feeling rigid and separate from your natural self) familiar to you?

And are you finding that your clients are getting stuck in negative self-talk and self-judgment, making it difficult to achieve the results they want or engage in the processes you want to lead them through (which you know can be Deeply effective if they could just stop criticising or pushing themselves)?

If so, these voices and feelings are part of the Inner Critic structure, and this program is here to help you embrace these tricky patterns and find freedom from perfectionism, procrastination or unsatisfying client progress.

Through this 6-week program, you'll learn how to master working with your own inner critic - so you can enjoy your wins and natural learning phases, and empower your clients to access deeper healing and reach their fuller potential.

"The Inner Critic often does not know when to stop. It does not know when enough is enough. It has a tendency to grow until it is out of control and begins to undermine us and to do real damage. Its original intent gets lost in the sands of time.” – Hal Stone


Meet Jane:

Jane is a skilled acupuncturist who specialises in female reproductive health, but she struggles with her confidence and clarity in promoting her work.

Despite having multiple modalities under her belt and a great reputation, Jane has an inner voice that berates, criticises and compares what she does and how she does it, leading to a lack of certainty and confidence in her skills.

She wants to continue charging more for her services and running groups and programs but is held back by her own inner critic.


Meet Ed:

Ed is a highly sought after men's coach who helps his clients get into their bodies and use their intuition to succeed at work

He's great at what he does and gets his clients creating momentum and change, but finds them unable to enjoy or maintain their momentum because of their harsh inner critics.

As much as he doesn't want to (after all the work he's done on himself) he sees himself in his clients, and wants to experience more relaxation and enjoyment of his success and to be able to help his clients overcome this last hurdle as well.

Can you relate to Jane or Ed's struggles? If so, read on...

“Many people spend their whole lives doing their best to follow the coaching, guidance, and warnings of the inner critic. Society supports this. However, if you choose to pursue inner work -- the search for understanding who you are, what your life means, and what reality is -- you are by necessity setting yourself directly in conflict with your judge. To explore what you believe, what you experience, why you act and feel the way you do, is to question the authority of the judge". - Byron Brown,

Let me help you discover the missing piece that's preventing you and your clients from healing and change without Needing to Harden Up or Override.

so that you can:

• Overcome procrastination or perfectionism,

• Master working with your own inner critic,

• Feel connected to yourself and become willing to take risks and try new things with a loving inner attitude,

• And empower your clients to do the same, access deeper healing and reach their fuller potential.

The course includes:

  • 6 x Online Learning Modules

    Delivered in a clear and easy-to-understand format (video, audio and PDF manuals) so you can absorb the core material in your own time in an alive and integrative way.

  • 6 Online Group Calls

    Deepen your skills and understanding in this interactive workshop. Including teaching, witnessing demos, giving and receiving practice sessions and question and answer time so you build your confidence faster (dates and times in the FAQs section below).

  • OPTIONAL 1:1 sessions with Amanda.

    Receive personalised attention and mentoring so you absorb and integrate the program more deeply. These sessions can be used to gain resolution to your particular struggles and/or to bring case consults and questions about the course content so you can serve your clients better.

  • 6 x Weekly Personal Inquiry processes.

    Explore your own relationship to the content, skills and information with these powerful inquiry questions to help you deepen your self-awareness and embodiment.

  • A Private Facebook Group

    With access to our Thriving Community and your Mentor.

    This is a place for community connection, inspiration and networking. Share resources, find support or celebration and find a buddy. This is also where you’ll have access to your mentor between 1:1 sessions and the 3 live calls.


    A buddy can provide a consistent touch point, accountability and support and help you go deeper with your inquiry processes. This optional extra can add a lot of value to your process!


A recorded experiential workshop on the Nuances of the Inner Critic led by Ana Barner, an international Voice Dialogue therapist and trainer with over 30 years experience. Learn to distinguish between the Rule Maker, the Pusher and the Critic and uproot the source of strong critical behaviours.

She helps us explore the nuances of the critic in detail to support your deeper understanding.

Join us in this powerful program.

Create more space for creative flow, momentum and relaxation, as well as gaining powerful frameworks to use with your clients for their faster and deeper results.


You can choose to do just the course and 6 live calls, or include 1:1 sessions with Amanda.

Online 1:1 sessions are to be had within 9 weeks of the course beginning.

(Please find the sliding scale pricing options and inclusions below).


Enrol with just $666

  • 6 x Online Learning Modules

  • 6 x Weekly Inquiry processes

  • 6 x Weekly Live Online Classes

  • Facebook Group with access to our Thriving Community

  • Ongoing access to your mentor in the 9 weeks from live classes beginning,


Enrol with just $888

  • 6 x Online Learning Modules

  • 6 x Weekly Inquiry processes

  • 6 x Weekly Live Online Classes

  • Facebook Group with access to our Thriving Community

  • Ongoing access to your mentor in the 9 weeks from live classes beginning

  • PLUS 1 x 1:1, 75 min session with Amanda


Enrol with just $999

  • 6 x Online Learning Modules

  • 6 x Weekly Inquiry processes

  • 6 x Weekly Live Online Classes

  • Facebook Group with access to our Thriving Community

  • Ongoing access to your mentor in the 9 weeksfrom live classes beginning

  • PLUS 2 x 1:1, 90 min sessions with Amanda


Meet your Facilitator and Guide: Amanda Patterson

Hey there, I'm Amanda and I'm here to help you understand yourself on a deeper level and experience natural inner harmony as you offer your deeply resonant and successful services to the world.

Growing up as a shy and more introverted person, I had a lot of harsh inner judgements about my shyness and love of the quieter things in life. Over 25+ years of self development and study into Gestalt therapy, Voice Dialogue and Somatic Therapies, (as well as observing the inner workings of 100s and 100s of clients), I have gathered many insights and tools for working with the inner critic. I have personally experienced significant shifts in mine and my clients' ways of being in the world as a result of this work.
Over the years, I discovered that this harsh inner voice is common to all of us and that there is a simple way to create a healthier inner dialogue, and short-cut your journey to relaxation and inner peace.

As the creator of the Somatic Soul Method, the Trauma Informed Partitioner program, and Mastering Trauma Informed Leadership Certification, I specialise in helping practitioners who have a soul calling to be of service, who want to integrate the body, mind and soul in their work so they can confidently deliver their own offers, groups and programs, while backing themselves all the way.

What Others Have Said...


"I feel empowered, embodied and able to embrace all of me (including the messy parts!)"

"Before this training, my inner critic was extremely harsh, a bully and pusher, creating doubt and fear in me, which stopped me from being me. I never went after what I truly wanted, therefore not creating my life. Since the course I feel empowered and embodied, I'm able to embrace all of me, all my parts, Including 'my messy parts' and that's the Best Part!

I Love the 'gifts, understanding and freedom' this training, and truly loving all of me, allows me. Thank you Amanda for creating such a safe and nurturing space to explore this work and ourselves."

LN - Student


"It has literally changed my life!"

"Amanda is a wonderful wise, clear, compassionate and fun teacher. I have learnt so much from her and it has literally changed my life! I highly highly recommend diving into Amanda’s courses. The world needs it".

Lisa Grant - Mind body nutrition coach


"I feel the capacity to hold it all and be it all".

Hi Amanda, I have so many revelations and I wish to share with you. Having explored voice dialogue, doing the energetic exercises and letting the energy be verbalised and expressed, journaling, inquiry, and bringing safety and healing to the wounded parts….I notice what I truly want is to feel big and expansive, and boldness! To be me! To be every parts of me. To be it all.

It feels like there is a balance between my adult & child parts, there is a protective strength, boldness, yet it comes with flexibility, fluidity, sensitivity and OKAYNESS. Also, playfulness, purity, joyfulness… I feel the capacity to hold it all and be it all.

I just cant help myself but to share this joy and excitement!" - Edison Tan, Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher


"Such a valuable learning experience and tool"

"Such a valuable learning experience and tool, noticing the inner critic has begun a deep healing process and cultivated more self-acceptance. So glad I jumped into the course".

Briony Montgomery - Therapist


"You will never make a decision in the same way again"

"This work made a big difference during a career workshop I just attended for another course. I had more confidence and the ability to notice, but not listen to my critic when it was trying to tell me the same old things, that I am starting to realise are not true."

"AND, to those thinking of joining... You will never make a decision in the same way again.

Being aware of your inner critic gives you the tools to operate and make decisions from your adult self instead of your wounded child. Very empowering!!!".

Kez - Counsellor and Student

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How many hours will I need for this each week?

It will take approximately 30mins-1.5hrs per week to absorb the content and work with the journalling prompts and processes.  Classes alternate between 1.5hrs and 2 hours long each week. If you are choosing to enrol in sessions as well, these will be booked at a time that works for both of you.

FAQ image

What are the Dates and Times for the Live Calls?

You will receive the Welcome module as soon as you enrol and your week 1 Module will be delivered to your inbox a week before Live classes begin.
Live Classes will run on Wednesday eve alternating with Thursday mornings: 
Wed 10th April 6 - 7.30pm (AEST)

Thurs 18th April 9.30 - 11.30am (AEST)

Wed 24th April 6 - 7.30pm (AEST)

Thurs 2nd May 9.30 - 11.30am (AEST)

Wed 8th May 6 - 7.30pm (AEST)

Thurs 16th May 9.30 - 11.30am (AEST)

All times are in AEST. Please reach out to our team admin@wisdombody.com.au if you have questions about attendance.

Is this suitable for me if I'm not working with clients at the moment?

This training is designed for people who are, or who want to be, working with clients. You don't have to be working with them currently, but the content will be created to support you towards your successful work in the world.

FAQ image

Do I need to attend the group workshops Live?

No you don't, but you will get more out of the process if you have the interactive and group aspects of this work, especially as there are extra opportunities for support, practicing skills or experiential sessions within the group calls.

FAQ image

Is this program going to be a downer or hard work?

This work is actually hugely empowering and often creates a lot more space for fun and joy with more capacity to choose to live from a more relaxed/natural place in yourself. Usually, we feel a lot better after "meeting" the critic because we are in a more empowered rather than a bullied or squashed stance.

FAQ image

Do I need to have a buddy? (my life feels too full already!)

You get to choose. A buddy and the regular inquiry processes given are recommended because they help you deepen your self awareness and make the program more connected, with more accountability and fun.

If you have a friend or partner you'd like to do these inquiry processes with, you can choose to do that instead of taking on a new buddy.

FAQ image

Will the calls be recorded if I'm unwell or unable to make it?

Yes, all calls will be recorded and uploaded to the Online platform, so you don't have to miss anything if you're not able to attend live. We do recommend lining up a practice session with your buddy or someone from the cohort if you miss a call. If you have a report or question, these can be sent in at least 1hr before the call so they can be answered.

FAQ image

Is this training related to the Somatic Soul Method Certification?

Why yes, thanks for asking!

This 6-week program is Module 1 of the 12-month Somatic Soul Practitioner Certification. If you attend this program and decide you want to continue studying Somatic therapy this is a pre-requisite for Module 3 (the final Certification round).

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Any other questions? We'd love to hear from you.

Email us at admin@wisdombody.com.au