Welcome Dear Adventurer…

I invite you to imagine a world where your emotions and your body’s aches and pains are sign-posts to the Divine, rather than something to fix or Get Rid Of…

Imagine living in touch with your own Wisdom moment by moment, so you feel relaxed, inspired and juicy, ready to respond with strength or rest into deep pleasure.

Imagine a kind of listening that enters and heals where force and pushing cannot.

You can have that here at Wisdom Body

Because, I know this about you Dear One;

You have a deep wisdom in your body that knows how to keep you living vibrantly healthy and free. It knows how to choose the best food for your body at any time, when a relationship is right or wrong for you, when it’s good for you to be social or when to rest. This wisdom in your body knows when you are saying yes but mean no. It knows what you need and what feels good and right for you.

Wisdom Body is here to help you express your freedom in an ongoing and Deeply embodied way. When stress and old limiting patterns pop up (even though you’ve done the workshops, meditations, counseling and yoga), my services help you become more present, more alive and move through those limiting thoughts, behaviors and body stuckness. By listening to your body’s cues from a deep level, you can heal the blocks in the way of your radiance and bring more of your sacred self to your life, your family, your relationships, your work and to the world.

Since 2002 I have worked with women to help them deepen their relationship with their bodies and learn to receive and go inwards and find HOME. As a therapist (specializing in trauma healing), masseuse, ecstatic dancer, passionate poet, artist, ex-workshop junkie and mother, I combine my deep background in the healing arts to guide and give a uniquely healing treatment so you can inhabit your radiance and wisdom in an ongoing way.

If you’re ready to take your life to a new level of embodied wisdom, I invite you to subscribe to my free e-zine Wisdom Body, or schedule a free consultation..