Wisdom Body offers a range of services including bodywork, Somatic Experiencing/trauma healing and educational talks. Scroll down to see them below (the BOOKING calendar is at the bottom of the screen):

Unravel your Body Story – Somatic experiencing and bodyworkRelaxation Massage

Combining the cutting edge nervous system tools of Somatic Experiencing with deeply nourishing and satisfying bodywork, this session Deeply unravels your patterns and gives you a new template of rest and relaxation.

Given in 90minute and 2 hour sessions. From $135/1.5hours.

Unravel your Body story – Somatic Experiencing via Skype


Heal trauma held in the nervous system in a deep, profoundly effective and gentle body focussed therapy. Perfect for dealing with emotional or physical trauma such as car accidents, falls, surgery, illness, relationship boundaries, abuse, stress or the inability to sleep or digest.

Given in 1 hour and 1.5hour therapeutic sessions. From $120/hour



Bodywork; deep, relaxing, nourishing, nervous system resettingdeep tissue massage

Space and time to let go, Relax, rebalance and let your body receive.

Depending on your needs, this can be a firm and deep massage targeting your problem areas, loosening tension in tight or chronically hed muscles. Or it can be purely for you to sink into your body in a safe, beautifully held space, surrounded by calming music, subtle aromatherapy oils, warm organic massage oil and a sensitive, aware touch.
Given in 70 minute/1.5hour and 2 hour deluxe sessions. From $90/70 minutes


Or enquire about the Six Session Series

Read more or book by calling Amanda 042107964

Moon Massage – Nourish your hormones and emotional selfIMG_6254

This is a deep and sensitively attuned massage given either in the week before, or during, a woman’s’ menstruation (or “moon”) time.

Perfect for women who want to deepen their relationship with their feminine self when they bleed, for working women and busy mothers who need scheduled time to let go and receive for themselves and for women who have very heavy bleeds, have had polyps, or abnormal cells on the cervix.

Given in 70 minute/1.5hour and 2 hour deluxe sessions. From $90/70 minutes

Or enquire about the Six Session Series

Read more or book by calling Amanda 0421079644

 Island Style Pregnancy MassageIMG_6281

A sacred space to connect with yourself and your child. Integrate the changes of pregnancy and receive nurture and support with a professional and experienced therapist. Releases tension in lower back, legs and shoulders, as well as improving circulation, digestion and lowering heart rate.

Given in 70 minute/1.5hour and 2 hour deluxe sessions. From $90/70mins

Or enquire about the Six Session Series

Read more or book by calling Amanda 0421079644

Lymphatic Drainage


Clear out toxins and cleanse your body. Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle technique that manually stimulates the lymphatic system up to 20 times its normal rate, helping to clean the body of wastes, toxins and fluid build-up. Excellent for pre and post surgery, or to accompany a cleanse program.

Given in 1hour and 1.5hour sessions. From $80 hour

Or enquire about the Six Session Series

Read more or book by calling Amanda 0421079644





Somatic Inquiry and Sisterhood Circles 

Bringing the soul into the body via dance, inquiry and sisterhood sharing.

With practices based on Somatic Experiencing and Attachment theory, we meet, slow down and connect to self and the group so we have deeper resources to meet life. 

These groups are a great opportunity to learn how to regulate your nervous system, share and bond deeply within a group of other wonderful women, and learn to heal and work in harmony with your attachment system/style.

Groups are offered in the Byron Shire in committed 6 week Programs and a monthly one day weekend immersion. Contact Amanda for details 0421079644


Pregnancy Group talks

Learn why you respond automatically the way you do, how to give your baby the best foundations for a happy/healthy life and improve the quality of your life. 1.5-2hour talks and experiential exercises given for groups of 8 or larger within the Byron and Tweed Shire.

Next free talk at Byron Bay Pregnancy Support group Tuesday August 4th, 11.30 – 1pm Red Tent Yoga, Byron Bay Industrial Estate