If life is always responding to your call.. couldn’t we all just Relax and enjoy the ride??

A few weeks ago I wrote an article talking about intention setting and life being a call and response thing (you can read it here). And today, I want to share some of where that insight has come from.. aka.. how do I know that life is always responding to our wishes and prayers?

Well, on a personal note, I see that most everything I have wished for has come to be.. eventually.

That particular quality of wild fun love, or that amount of money or even that shiny red car!

And I see this in my clients lives too. That whether we are in dire situations or feeling a quiet deep calling in the heart, life Does respond. And the main thing I want to share with you is that it ISNT your EFFORTS (or your ego) that makes it so. It’s the Nature of life itself.

… So let me be clear… Your efforts Can make stuff happen, but I reckon it doesn’t feel so good when it comes, cause often you’ve lost contact with the reason for it (feeling you wanted), or you’re so exhausted from the effort, you don’t enjoy it!

Of course, consistent effort/energy put in is necessary in many situations to get you to your goal…

But, what I have found, is that the more you think You are the one making it happen, the further you get from the experience you’re truly wanting to have (I’m taking a lot of liberties here describing your siutation.. but please bear with me.. you know I’m just talking about myself?! As always, take it all with a bar of soap and I hope its useful to the pusher in all of us!)

I believe there is a greater wisdom at work here. It’s an intelligence that orders the stars and gravity, grows the trees and moves the oceans. It is the thing that connects us all to each other and to itself. We are a part of it and we don’t need to do anything to “deserve” or create our separate pocket of goodness.

So, I’ll go a little more specific in Where I get this from

Over many years I have worked with and befriended many beautiful humans with childhood trauma. A common theme I see is that in their lack of safety in childhood, they have reached out to something else. Often in out of body states they become very good at conversing with the spirit realm, and build whole networks of connection with something outside of the body; with spirit, with non-physical guidance.

I see, even in the horrible truth of childhood abuse, a way that life comes in to create some kind of comfort. These friends and clients often work as psychics or energy workers, their sensitivities create a strong bridge to other realms that helps more earth-bound folk expand our perceptions.

What this shows me is that when the longing/need is strong, life responds and brings it rushing in. Sometimes not straight away or in the way we wish it. But it does come.

(It’s also in Diamond Essence work in the theory of holes .. when we feel and meet and get curious about a wound in the psyche (a “hole”), it will turn and often become the holes’ opposite. So sadness becomes peace and comfort

So, in the email a few weeks back, I said that I’d be sending an email about when we’re really Not able to relax with the way things are, or into trusting that life is going to respond.

And the keys to this are the same keys I use in all my work:





INVITE again

If you are longing for more money or a new partner or more harmony in your home.. invite and call it in, ask or state that it’s here,

Listen to your inner response,

Allow the joy or tears or anger to move. Accept where you are with this… “Hold” your little one’s (old) feelings about it if they come up. Or if you’re very open to this thing you are calling for, enjoy the feeling of it running through your body! This is the feeling of life responding to your call!

And Invite the feeling of more money/love/harmony in again.


When we feel like life Suck bats b#lls, it’s a good time to have a cry, yell into a pillow, find a compassionate ear to listen to your un/reasonable feelings and let it all flow OUT. Inquire into the meat and grits of your experience, the light or the heavy, the spacious or the tight.

Cause, lovely one. Life, in my opinion, wants to love us. It wants to have harmonious flow and aliveness .. and where it’s not flowing and alive, it will welcome some sweet compassion and holding, not more pushing and should-ing.

All those intentions and things you openly or secretly long for.. it’s at its root, your souls longing for itself

It is trying to pull you Home.
Just exactly what’s in this moment,

Just exactly all of yourself,

So I invite you.. in your process of inviting, listening, allowing and inviting again.. to soften your hold on the timeline of things.

What would it be like if you had all the time in the world.. ?

What if there was never any rush and nowhere to get to? Just the process of enjoying your own soul’s call and response for itself?

In my experience, when there’s no rush, the gentle deep satisfaction of life can pour in. We can feel ourselves and what we’ve always been longing for.

I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts on this!

With much warm and goodly love,

xx Amanda

Life is a call and response thing

Have you been dreaming into what 2018 will hold for you? Have you been making lists (and checking them twice), visualizing or doing rituals to bring those things closer and heal the places that have been painful?

These are powerful things to do (and they often work!), but they can also distract us from the fullness and beauty of This moment, and can sometimes create tension .. as a teacher of mine says “too much intention causes tension”.

So, I’d like to offer something to the “intention-setting”pot.. that

Life is a call and response thing.

Life is Always responding. It can’t help it.. and you don’t have to Do anything or Be anything different for life to respond to your call. It’s actually all happening in the effortlessness.

And Effort (trying and “doing it right”) is sometimes the thing that gets in the way of things showing up with ease?!

Over the next few days I’m going to be sharing a bit about letting go and prayer to inspire your effortless welcoming of your desires in 2018, and also, what to do when you’re feeling effortful and stuck (aka, attached, emotional or doubting.. aka.. moving into effort or collapse).

Why might I be someone you’d listen to on this stuff? Well.. I’ve spent YEARS chasing and getting all het-up about my intentions! Put Lots of energy into making myself “better” so my longings (a better relationship, more money, more security etc etc) would come to me. I’m someone to listen to because of all the ways I’ve made it so hard for myself .. when it Really didn’t need to be!

I’m also someone who has spent years in an Essence school training learning to listen to the flow of god-force/life/essence and letting the non-physical essence of things guide me, and then years working with others to help them listen to and be guided by that gentle inner voice.

I’ve seen a lot of the glory and the underbelly of intention setting-land. A lot of the ways the personality comes in and tries to Do it. And I’ve experienced my own personality getting out of the way in my life and effortlessness taking root (SUCH a relief!).

So, my lovely, I have a gentle invitation for you…

Love your longings.. cuddle up with them, let there be space in the feeling of them

Listen in to the ones you have in your quiet times
Those gentle longings to rest more
To live more freely with more abandon
To do that thing that makes your heart sing

Allow yourself to dream
Let all the ideas and longings just bubble up without filter
Everything is ok
Everything is offered for a reason

You came here with a particular leaning
A particular skill set
A particular shape

Let it blossom and Be
(You’ll feel so much better for it)

It’s an easy thing, when we cuddle in and say “ok” to life.

And then, to just notice how it is to Be in this moment. Without thought of the future or past. Letting gratitude be in your thoughts and your heart. 

Being present. Now. 

In a few days I’ll be sending an email about call and response when we’re really Not soft and grateful… and how to be with That.

Till then,

Warm wishes and swimming fishes,

Love Amanda

What “giving away sessions” taught me about wealth

This month just gone I have given a Lot of half-price sessions in an offer celebrating my new treatment space in South Golden Beach. Nearly 20 people have received 1.5hrs of Somatic Experiencing and Bodywork; dropping into their bodies to feel, express and shift blocks and then receive nurturing, present touch.
It has been, for me, simply exquisite. A space where I have felt myself and my work at a deeper level than ever before and experienced some pretty awesome feedback (I’ll share some of that below).

So, I want to share what I “got” in giving away so much, and (surprisingly) it’s not Actually about money or my business.


In my willingness to “give more than I got”, and in giving my energy and presence completely, I have felt a thick, rich fullness of love coming back to me.

It’s like I started a very strong cycle of energy between me and life.


And in “giving it away”, created a feeling of real wealth in my life. If I just did this in my life and nothing else, I would feel deeply wealthy.

I’m reading this back, wondering if this would come across as mumbo-jumbo energy speak.. but really, if you’re on this mailing list, you’re gonna get that kind of thing! AND this feels like a kind of truth about life and energy.

So I want to share 2 steps you could take to experience something like this yourself:


Key 1: Give away what you Love

What I am giving away is what I LOVE TO DO. I Love to sit in presence with people. I love to sense into the body, to help create safety for a person, to feel someone dropping away their tension or holding, and finding their Self again.
It makes my heart Grow So Big.

In fact, I do all this in my free time Lots!! Not in the same contexts, or client/practitioner set-up, but I do all these; sitting in presence, creating safety in my relationships, sensing into my body and others’ on the dance floor, celebrating mine and my loved one’s growth and transformations.


So, what might you Love and do regardless of what others might give you back in response? That you could give away freely? What brings you joy in the doing of it?


Key 2: Unattachment

Aka = Be open to Wealth/Energy/Love Coming in All manner of ways.

In giving away what I love so wholeheartedly and letting go of what or “how much” comes back to me, I had a sense of gratitude everytime someone paid me (cause I was doing what I love after all!). And I was open to “more” coming back to me from many sources. Through testimonials, referrals, etc (abundance is in all of it, not just the cash). And quite a few people paid more than the half-price amount by choice!

There’s been beautiful testimonials like this:

“Oh my goodness – this woman is incredible! I don’t think I have ever felt so relaxed in my life. Highly recommend Amanda to EVERYBODY”. -JH

“I want to thank you so much for the beautiful space you held for me. It was full of allowance, so much gentleness and love, compassion and depth, and expansiveness. I felt so safe and invited to feel all that I came with and I felt so deeply felt in ur holding of my body and energy. I am deeply grateful for your sharing your gift with me and working with you” – MN


A key to this is Really Noticing what is coming back to you. Be it the expressions of gratitude and good will from others, the feeling of fullness in your heart (from doing what you love), the energetic, or material gifts that may come. Really notice and even write it down! Be generous again, with your gratitude!


If you cant quite resonate with “giving” away therapy as an example, you can also look at it like this: A few years ago, I remembered my passionate love for art as a way to communicate soul. I created a series of cartoon/watercolors with the intention to PLASTER them all over town. It was a feeling of something I passionately Love, done and shared with life in the sheer glory of sharing my love!
(ps. I didn’t Actually plaster the cartoons all over town, I got scared I’d get in trouble!)



>> So.. what do you Love to do? What would you do whether someone paid you or not? How can you do it more and offer it to the world? 

I’d love to hear what you would and could do.. and Especially, I’d love to hear if you do give what you love away wholeheartedly!


From this abundant stream in my heart to yours,

LOVE and Gratitude,


The New Clinic Room – Half Price Offer

Wisdom Body (aka Amanda Patterson) is launching their new Ocean Shores treatment room with Half Price Sessions for the month of September!

> This offer is for women who want to deepen their ability to feel pleasure (and meet what’s in the way of that),

> Who want to receive nourishment all the way to the bones with conscious touch, warm towels, soothing sounds and deep presence,

> And who want to meet tension patterns in their body without resistance or pushing, but with mindfulness and Somatic awareness


There are a limited number of these half price sessions/week, and it’s first in first dressed. So please be in contact SOON or pass this on to your friends you feel might love it!

Contact Amanda: 0421079644




These sessions are More than just a physical massage..

They are designed to help you sink deeply into your body

to Unwind your nervous system out of stress, fight/flight mode

To reconnect you with the deep rest and wisdom in your bones

So that you can digest, sleep well and connect well with your loved ones

So that you can experience freedom from physical and emotional tension and experience meeting yourself in a way that doesn’t push away discomfort, but allows and follows your body/beings’ organic wisdom.

So you can Befriend this body you (sometimes!) call Home


“My very own temple experience every fortnight” – Jenni Cargill-Strong


“Thank you Amanda for the best neck and shoulder massage I have ever had. Your intuitive, healing presence felt very clear and strong for me. I appreciate your help with clearing energy and your very soft warm hands” – Megan Edwards, Parenting by Connection Coach and mother



“I parent 3 boys, and am married so I give out a lot to others. I have been coming to Amanda regularly for about a year and I come to get grounded, to rest deeper, to get clarity, to fill up and let go.

Amanda gives sessions that have a very feminine quality and she is able to work at subtle levels as well as with deeper strength and intent, so the sessions can be well suited to whatever is needed. Overall it is an experience of deep care and consideration, warmth and holding and certainly more than just a physical massage.

I go back into my life feeling released, like I can relax more, breathe deeper, my neck and shoulders softer and my body easier to be in. I am always more present in myself, more gentle and more willing to give out again after a massage with Amanda”. – Suzy Champion, Mother, HK Practitioner and bodyworker



The last time I ran offered this special it booked out very quickly.. cause frankly.. it’s a very special Special!

Text or call now to book in on 0421079644



The Deal is:

> a Luxurious 90mins of bodywork and Somatic Experiencing for $65 (normally $130)

> There are only four Half Price sessions available per week in September, once these spots are filled all sessions are charged at Wisdom Body’s normal rates.

> This offer is for bookings within September and for new clients only

> This offer cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offers from Wisdom Body.


Call now to book 0421 079 644


How Body Memories can impact your Knowing

We’ve been exploring themes around Knowing and body wisdom lately, and how, when we tune into the signals from body (changes in breath, heart rate, heat, buzz-iness, dropping or expanding sensations) we are more connected to ourselves, to the world around us and to what is most life affirming for us at the time.

To continue this exploration, I want to name an important factor from brain science that can influence this body Knowing, and then give you a tool for how to work with this.

Fundamentally, when given the time and space for it, life will innately move towards health and well-being. Your body and Being gravitate towards life, vitality and harmonious, healthy connections. We are literally built (in the brain, the nervous system, the biology) for connection and love. This is why we listen deeply to the body’s cues. But, there is also something called “implicit” programming in the brain that can come into play and over-ride healthy impulses towards connection or life-giving choices in order to have us do what the body knows how to do.

This “implicit” memory, (essentially unconscious brain programming) can override appropriate responses in the moment. So, we can find ourselves feeling clear, powerful and strongly guided from within, and then suddenly, an old trigger comes up (a relationship pattern, a life situation) and we are habitually responding in a way that Doesn’t serve our health and well-being. We are essentially responding from past programming that worked Before but is no longer relevant to this present moment.

Implicit memory arises from the “older” parts of the brain, the limbic system, and the instinctual/animal brain. The behaviors that arise out of this unconscious part of the brain are designed to be immediate and pre-programmed, so we don’t need to *think* through all our responses. These pre-programmed responses were mostly laid down in the unconscious at an early age to help us survive and thrive in our family of origin. These are often very fast and unconscious responses to particular situations.

Basically, our body holds memories and programming that tells us how to respond to the world in a particular way. If we are looking to our Knowing around a topic that was fraught in our early life, the feelings and emotional cues we get can be laden with the old story, which is often also linked to long held beliefs like “I’m not loveable” or “they always leave”, or “all big animals are dangerous”.

So let me give you an example of this is:

If you had a bad encounter with a big dog as a kid, your body may have a big fear and retreat response anytime you see a big dog, regardless of how friendly it actually is.

Or if you had a dismissive mother who couldn’t tune into and meet your needs, you may automatically move towards caring for others when you yourself have a need. This is when your implicit memory is taking over from present moment awareness and correct attunement/response.


So how do we work with implicit memory?

We make the unconscious conscious.

We work with implicit memory by creating safety, space and time to make these responses conscious, and to feel those old emotions and sensations in the body, so that they can begin to move out of the unconscious and into your conscious awareness.

Once these implicit memories are more known and met in the consciousness, if/when they do come up again, they don’t hold as much sway over your decision making and you can more authentically feel into the present moment truth for yourself. Into your Knowing.


Please note: we are talking about powerful biological survival drives here.. so I’m not inferring this is a quick fix strategy! This is an ongoing, deepening, empowering relationship with yourself and your animal programming.


So, for example:

This can look like recognizing the fear response in your body as you see a big dog, taking a moment to notice the other things on the scene, like a friendly owner holding the dog on a leash, and soothing yourself by checking for the exit. It can look like being able to choose to hold your fear and notice the dogs eyes are soft and it’s tail is wagging, and move towards it as a safe animal. Or it can look like noticing this dog is a little shifty, so choosing to move away. The point of this is that you are able to take in more of what is actually here, rather than just responding based on your body memories.

Or in the case of relationship, it can look like noticing yourself “over-giving” to another and feeling disconnected from your own experience. You may take a moment to listen in to yourself and notice some sadness and step back to give yourself some empathetic listening. You may even speak your needs to the other person.

The point of this is that you are able to take in more of what is actually here, rather than just your body memories, and respond more authentically in the moment.


Action step:

To explore one of the areas where implicit memory over-rides your appropriate present-moment responses, I invite you to take a moment to write down what happens for you.

What thoughts do you have, what body sensations,

And then how do you speak or behave when this is active in you?

Please give yourself some good space and time to explore this and allow feelings to arise.

If you want to explore some deep or strong body memories I highly recommend doing so with a safe other.

Implicit memory can be particularly strong for people with early trauma (unsafe environment in childhood) or people who have experienced threatening situations in life.  Working with implicit memory can be done in gentle self-inquiry or ideally with a trained therapist in a modality like Somatic Experiencing or the Hakome method. You can see how you can work with me if you feel drawn below.


If you are interested in bringing more awareness and choice to your unconsious responses, I am offering a limited number of discounted Introduction Sessions with me per week, (valid for folk who haven’t worked with me yet).  you can find out about the sessions here or:



with love and warm wishes,

x Amanda

Kindness and riding the back of my visions into new territory..

Hey beautiful one,

So over the last few months I’ve been sharing my expansion into running women’s Somatic groups. It’s felt like I’ve hit the gold thread of vocation, (or maybe I’ve just been combining lots of what I love). But, I want to share more of my journey with you because right along-side that feeling of rightness, I’ve also found a deep-thread-of-Resistance.

… Not wanting to plan or to work. Sometimes, there’s just rock-hard resistance, doubt and fear… I don’t even know what Of?! The newness of things, the out-there-in-the-world-ness of things.

Riding the back of my visions into new territory…

Eek-ing f*^k!!   NEW territory!!

So, I’m sharing this with you because I see this is often the human experience. I know I’m not alone in hitting this uncomfortable patch in doing something new. We tend to do one of 3 things. We either don’t grow/try new things so we don’t have to feel these (sometimes Deeply) uncomfortable feelings. Or we Do grow outside our norm, hit the fear/doubt/resistance patch and run back to our comfort zone (SO tempting!).

We breathe through the turbuent patch, hold ourselves close, keep a firm eye on those visions, and an anchor in the earth or God or whatever we call Holy…

Because I’m remembering that in life, and in my work; with expansion comes contraction. I’m remembering that this is the natural flow of things. It helps to test our direction and longings. Do we really want this new-ness? Have we outgrown the old shell enough that we’re willing to brave the Unknown?

This is how we allow our edges to show us how we are growing. This is how we turn and face what has caged us.


I drew this picture (below) for a client the other day describing how we can block out big feelings of grief or anger, but how the very act of blocking-something-out, cages us in! If we can’t face grief, we are bound to look everywhere but at grief. If we can’t face vulnerability, we are bound to always face away from vulnerability. It may sound ok, but This is how we make our worlds Smaller. Our capacity thinner. Our willingness that much more brittle and snappable.


So, my dear friend, the first step when there’s resistance, doubt or fear alongside stretch and new-ness, is to meet it with a big dose of kindness.

Cause kindness will say:

I am where I am
Things are how they are, in this moment.
And when I don’t try to make it different, I’m ok.
I’m human And I’m Divine

And when kindness has offered her sweet balm, clarity can come in and have its say.

This is what Clarity said to me today:

My mission is to bring what has been separate into one
To bring kindness, relief, deep love, play,
Connection and deep acceptance.
To meld Two into One
One Hundred into One
We are all One

This is the wild horse of my visions that I’m riding…


Want to join me ?? 😉



Bah-bah-bummmmm… drum roll.. These circles (below) are the vessel that my vision of healing the separation of mind/body/spirit/hearts and humanity is playing itself out in. I’d love to invite you to share in this experience and in this vision too..

Come join us in a Committed 6 Week Group beginning 7 February

Combining Somatic experiencing, Attachment theory, conscious dance and Diamond Essence style inquiry practices, these circles are gentle, deep, playful, informative and Fun!

These circles are wonderful for women who have taken their inner work to a certain level and know or feel that “the body” is the next terrain for them. They are perfect for women who are curious about the link between the animal instincts (in our brain and nervous system) and the soul.

These 6 week groups will help you befriend and experience your nervous system from an embodied place and soothe and feed your attachment system. Games, exercises, inquiries into life as experienced In the Moment. Presence and the felt sense, Deepening your relationship and integration with your “lizard” brain. The 6 week format allows for a deeper practicing of the tools given in circle.. so that this ground of experience becomes part of the ground of your being.

“You knit a hammock we can rest into, maybe without even knowing it!
… Amanda embodies a sense of trust in the process which is reassuring, supportive and offers a sweet tenderness.” Emily

Here’s the Details:

~> Evening Somatic Inquiry and Sisterhood Circle
Tuesdays 6-8.45pm
7th Feb – 14th march

~> Daytime Somatic Inquiry and Sisterhood Circle
Thursdays 12-2.45
9th Feb – 16th march

Price: $290 EARLY BIRD by the 26th Jan.
After that $300 concession/$360 full for the 6 week block
Venue: Mullumbimby area, TBA


“Just exquisite, knowledgeable, wise, attentive, present with great timing with people’s processes. I felt a reconnection to my open heart, compassion for others, love and respect for myself” – Monique


> Please note: These Circles are kept small and intimate and places are already being snaffled up..  message me if you’d like a spot so we can hold it for you! 0421079644 or amanda@wisdombody.com.au


I’d love to have you join us as we ride these wild and tenderly-kind horses into greater aliveness, greater capacity and deeper connection 🙂

With big love to you and your wise wise Body,

xx Amanda

It’s All you Baby

It’s not a popular thing to say in my line of work, but it keeps coming up very strongly for me to say…

It’s all an inside job, baby 

That tight shoulder you’ve had since you had your first baby,
That deep grief in your heart every time you have your period that makes you doubt your relationship,
That lack of energy flow through your hips,

All of these experiences originate and exist with you. And the power to shift your experience lies within you as you bring your awareness and listening to what is happening in you. You can invite a therapist or healer to work with you, to guide you, to help create space for healing, but they cannot DO the healing for you. 

When we go to a therapist or healer of some kind of course we’re looking for change and relief
When we are in pain or not trained in healing, I get that we need guidance. Of course we do. This is human and this is Beautiful.
We need to feel we’re not alone. And sometimes we need to feel we can relax into someone else’s care.

Yes, lets do that.

But I don’t agree that change occurs with a pill, or purely through someone else’s action.


As a masseuse and trauma therapist I’m supposed to offer solutions and resolution for very genuine pains. And I am genuinely here to help. And I LOVE to help. BUT … I’m not up with the idea that I have the answers for your situation, or that I have the ability to wave a magic wand and make things go away.

This looking outside of ourselves for the answers is just
old news. It’s built on a health care system that makes the therapist the one with the power over your body or inner being, and you a helpless consumer of your their services.

The reality is, you live in your body and personality your entire life, and a therapist who doesn’t empower you to work with your body in more harmony and learn to listen to yourself is doing you a disservice. 

With the old model of a health system, if your body was a car, it’s like the only one with a manual to drive it is standing over there objectively naming your cars bits and how they relate, while you sit in your body/car feeling helpless, hoping they can make sense of the whole mess!
If you were given the map of how your body/mind works. If you were empowered with the tools to keep it running well, to feed it with love, to listen to it yourself, you wouldn’t have to wait until there was steam coming out from under the hood to start asking questions! You wouldn’t have to refer outside of yourself for objective answers to a very subjective experience! And it would be a very different experience to be in your body.

I know you know you are not just a mind dragging a body and heart along… You are an intricate, interwoven, intelligent organism of self organising Wisdom. Your body, heart and mind are intricately linked and constantly communicating to and for each other via sensation, thought and emotion. So when you have a painful back, a recurring hurt or a glorious feeling of open-ness, it touches and communicates all of you … 

It’s all You! And its all connected.

Cause what I see Every time someone comes in my treatment room or hops on my table is that their experience is decided by their internal world. In a day when I see 5 different people, one can have a glorious, soul bathing, heavenly-reboot of body and soul and another..  “just another ok experience” where they are touched in body, but not much else. I am offering pretty much the same level of love, attention and willingness to each client.. it’s whether you show up for yourself that makes all the difference.

It’s whether you’ve prayed for change. It’s whether you are open to the hurt or the anger or the resistance or Whatever is real for you in that moment. It’s whether you are willing to be held and helped from your stuck place. And if it’s right for you, it’s whether you are allowing gratitude for this very moment to seep in.

You are the ground that the change, growth and relaxation must occur within, and you are the gate keeper for miracles… you let them in.. or not!


My rant in bullet point:

  • Stop giving your power away to therapists, healers, psychics and know-it-alls
  • Accept guidance and wisdom that sings in your bones. You are the barometer for your truth, Not someone else!!
  • Stop thinking someone else knows your body or experience better than you. Get to know your body. And hint: LOVE IT. It will work better for you if you do.
  • Stop Ignoring the absolute Glorious wisdom of your own Soul

Amen and hallehlulyah.

Let me know how you go with that
With wild love,

xx Amanda

Meet Amanda:

Amanda is a Body-Passionate explorer of the human psyche. She is passionate about self-care for women and parents and runs programs to support them to fill their own well and come home to themselves. She helps women unwind trauma and frozen patterns in the emotions, mind and body accumulated through accidents, trauma and illness.  

Trained in Somatic ExperiencingTM, years of training in body work, energetic healing, conscious dance and Vipassana meditation. Amanda Love, love, LOVES her work. Contact her here for a chat or more details.

A bow to your Strength and staying Even more Present to Life

Hey Moon dancer,

I hope this full moon solar eclipse is treating you kind 🙂 For me it’s been like a wild wolf got inside my skin and roughed up my insides. I even found myself jumping up and down under the moon wanting to run somewhere reallyfast or Ravish SOMETHING! Instead I parented, got frustrated and did the dishes (not very well).

So, although these times have been expanding, connecting and sometimes-wild, I see that many of us are also facing disconnection, pushing and stress and our wounds and triggers are popping up in our faces. And they can be very strong and tricky to deal with.

So with a bow to your strength, your capacity and your Love, I give you these embodiment tools to help you stay even more present and Here for life.

A bit of background first:
I use words like “activation” to describe what is happening in your nervous system when old wounds or patterns are triggered. This just means that your physiology, your body, is responding to a real or patterned-in-you threat, by getting ready to run, fight or freeze and that it may be very hard to be “rational” in responding to these situations. These tools below are specifically aimed at calming your nervous system, so that racing thoughts, fears, disassociation (feeling “out of your body”), rage or anxiety are dealt with via the body where they “originate”, rather than the intellectual mind.


So here are some ways to calm your nervous system when you are highly activated. 

As always, the earlier you can catch the activation (or notice you are feeling triggered), the easier it is to work with, and the less you’ll experience exhaustion once you have calmed down or the situation has passed.

S-L-O-W-L-Y Moving Finger and Toe joints:

If you are feeling activated, triggered, or disassociated, bring your attention into your hands or feet to start. Moving the joints very slowly, breathing as you do so. Just moving them slowly in and out. If you think you’re moving them slowly, slow it down to half that speed. Give yourself more than 3 minutes to do this (so it’s not just having a quick go then moving on to something else). Moving the ankles and wrists also can help.


Notice if your breathing changes when you do this, notice if you feel calmer; what shifts or stays the same.

In my experience this has an effect like “releasing steam” from a kettle. The build up of highly activated energy in your nervous system has somewhere to go. And agitation, anxiety, fear, uncomfortable tingling in the legs or arms tends to subside or lessen a lot.

The “Vooo” Sound*:

It’s best if you can drop anything else you are doing to be present in this moment. But if you are doing the dishes, haven’t found any other times and want to give it a go, I’m sure it will still help!
When you make the Vooo sound, imagine you are a ship in a foggy harbour. You’re making a “Vooo” like a fog horn, low in the belly. See where you can feel that sound vibrating. If you can get a low sound it will vibrate in the lower belly which is great for creating more space and movement in the viscera or organs where a lot of our activation tends to stay locked up. Do this 3 -5 times, then rest and notice what has stayed the same or changed in your body.
If you have a history of strong trauma, just take it slow and do the Vooo only once, then check out what has shifted or stayed the same. Only do a second Vooo if you feel up to it. This is because a nervous system that generally has higher activation needs less stimulation and input from the external world. Taking it little and slow is always better.

*This is a tool that Peter Levine, who created this work, often uses with highly traumatised people to help them develop more capacity. By capacity I mean, more ability to stay present to what is happening in the body, and therefore allow the body to complete its healing processes. But whether you have trauma or have just lead a human and bumpy life, this tool will build your capacity to Be here for it.

Gathering Calm, Safe people around you:

When you’re activated, sometimes all you need is some retreat time in a clam, safe persons’ energy. I advise you to write a list of folk who you feel safe and calmed by.. it may not be your best friend, and it may change at different times. Check this out as honestly as you can.

If you have the kind of relationship with this person or people where you can share your needs and feelings, I recommend asking them if you could contact them when you are triggered and how they might be available to support you in those times.
It could sound like:

You: “Hello Safe-Calm-Person, do you have a moment?

Safe-Calm-Person: “Sure”

You: “I am looking for some support for the times when I get really activated (use your own words here: triggered/overwhelmed/angry/scared). I feel really safe with you and I wonder if you would be open to me calling you, asking to come over or emailing you (Whatever feels appropriate for this connection with this person) when something comes up?”

Safe-Calm-Person: “I’m touched, sure let’s set something up”

You: “Oh, fantastic!”

Setting this up can be really relaxing for your nervous system because then you know someone will be there for you, and you know the steps to take to get yourself support when things are more intense. In this way the thought of becoming triggered becomes less scary.
Let me say that again.. the Thought of becoming triggered becomes less scary.

This is a big thing, because big waves of activation can be very scary to even contemplate when they have taken over your life at different times. We tend to tighten up and brace against our triggered-ness. So this can help a Lot in setting us up to relax and respond, rather than react.

If you don’t yet feel you have a relationship where you can make this request, I invite you to start looking around and being curious about what and who makes you feel safe. And then, being curious about what it might be like to ask for support like that.

I do so hope these tools come in handy as you grow and open. If you’d like to join me for a discounted 70min Intro Session, (valid for folk who haven’t worked with me yet) you can find out about the sessions here or:



See you howling under the moon

With wild love,

xx Amanda

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We don’t “fix” our problems, we Wake Up inside them

We all have a painful story that we tell about life; for you it may be that your health is out of your control, men or women always abandon you, life is unsafe or that you just can’t get ahead.

If you’re like me; a Ms “Fix-it” from way back, you’ve probably tried many ways to change your story; counseling, workshops, bodywork, processing, diet changes, learning more, trying harder, Making An Effort.

But probably, like me, your story just keeps repeating on you. You may have gone to the depths of your despair in that last workshop or counseling session and came out feeling reborn, and then, What?! 2 months later, you’re feeling the same feelings and living that Same Story.

Why is that??

One thing I’ve seen across the years of “fixing” my story is that we don’t Change the story, we Wake Up inside it.

You see our early life experiences, way back to our time in the womb, literally set up a biological map or energetic imprint that is ours to walk and become conscious inside of. The dynamic between our parents, the key experiences of our childhood (belonging/exclusion, love/abandonment, friendships/loneliness etc) all create an energetic imprint and neurological track-work in the brain that then helps to form our personality and psyche and how we respond to the world.

It is possible to change this imprint and the pathways in the brain, in fact that’s a large part of what we are doing in a Somatic Experiencing session. So we may Wake Up to these pathways, and thus have more options, more choice, more flexibility, but generally these make up the terrain of our life. Your life story may not change, but You change in relation to it.

For example:

The first time you experienced being seriously ill as a child it was too overwhelmingly scary for such a little person to handle. So you learnt to disconnect from your body and live from your mind, denying your feelings and unaware of your body processes. Now as an adult, when you become ill, you have the choice to disconnect from your body, or to Feel the terror that illness invokes and become present to the sensations and experiences in your body. As you become present, you can begin to identify less with your “story” (“I’m always sick, I have no control, I cant trust my body”) and wanting the pain to go away, and you identify more with the part of you who watches it all.

Illness may always be something that you have a strong reaction to, but as you build your ability to stay conscious with whatever your story is, there becomes no Need to “fix” it. When you can be conscious with it, the emotions, the sensations and the experience of your story just are*. They may be uncomfortable, but they just are as they are. You notice the fear that arises, the movement towards disconnecting from your body, and you can choose something different, because you are more awake inside your story. And in Being awake, your capacity to experience more pleasure and good-life-force increases as well. As you are probably aware, shutting out pain also shuts out pleasure and reduces your range of feeling both ways.

(*Please note, Im not inferring that this is easy, just that it is the way to go in order to bring light and change to “problems” in your experience.)

When we wake up inside our problems, they are not “problems” anymore, they are opportunities for consciousness here and now. And consciousness is a very yummy thing

purple lady maze

I like to imagine that we are all walking our own unique Life Maze. As we “wake up” inside this maze, we start to explore new areas and directions, and the specific qualities of our life story begin to bring particular gifts, like treasures hidden amongst the hedges. These may be humility, compassion, patience, kindness, life force, love. But to glean these treasures from your well trodden maze, you mustn’t be fooled by the story and you must be willing to try something new.

Often, when you are lost down the alley ways of your maze, its not as easy as “choosing” to find a different way. Especially if your Life Maze has some truly scary corners. Like a child lost in a maze, sometimes you need another person to come in there and take your hand, helping you see new options and guide you out. In a therapeutic or an intimate relationship, we can get to know each others’ track-work and become more present and conscious for the other when we know they are navigating tricky areas. We can befriend their maze with them and help to expand the range of feeling that is possible.

Your Life Maze is your burden or your gift for waking up. What ever your story is, it is Your story. The less you fight with that simple truth, the more you will be available to Be Here for your life and for the hidden treasures in it.

I wish you well dear traveller!

Over to you:

I’d love to hear what you think about waking up inside your problems rather than fixing them.. Have you experienced “fixing” your story, or have you had it repeat on you again and again?

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